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Published: 2021-07-14
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In any organization, especially business, the vision, and mission of the people at the management play an integral role in the success of such venture. For entrepreneurs, it is crucial that they come up with measures that will help them in achieving the aims of the business. According to Mornah and McDermott (2016), mission refers to a statement that explains the reasons why an individual organization exists and the role it ought to play to its stakeholders.

My business plan as an entrepreneur is to offer massage and spa services. The name of the business enterprise is "Lavender Massage and Spa." The business will be operated as an international and as a private venture. As such, the main aim of this essay is to explain the mission and the values of the entity. In addition, the paper will describe how the business' values are aligned with business strategies, ethics, solving business problems, and brand strategies. The essay will expound on the challenges the company is likely to face and the marketing plan that acts as a guideline to overcoming those challenges.

The vision, mission, and values of the business

The Vision

Lavender Massage and Spas mission is to become the most successful company in the segment of beauty and style. Lavender Massage and Spa will be a central place where customers get beauty therapy services in addition to beauty products such as body lotions.

The mission

Lavender Massage and Spa is a highly dedicated company that cherishes innovation, responsibility, and creativity.

The Organizational Values

Mornah and McDermott, (2016) define values as the most significant attributes that are applied in identifying a particular organization. The following are core values for Lavender Massage and Spa;

To contribute positively towards the environment

To provide satisfaction to customers

To provide quality and safe products

To make profits while providing products at an affordable price.

Aligning Values to, ethics, brand identity, solving problems, and planning strategies

It is essential that the organizational values align with the planned strategies, principles, and problem solving. As explained earlier, one of the primary values is to contribute to the environment positively. Following the prevailing conditions in the market, engaging in ethical practices is vital in attracting and maintaining the customers loyalty (Phillips, McQuarrie & Griffin, 2014). Because the firm will contribute to the environment positively by providing safe products, it will be important to adhere to the guidelines of ethical standards. In addition, the satisfaction of the customers will enhance brand identity (Uggla, 2015). When clients are satisfied with an organizations products, they tend to share and pass information to other individuals.

One of the challenges that are likely to be encountered by the business is the stiff competition and financial problems. Financial problems arise when a company incurs losses making it hard to pay its debt. Nonetheless, Lavender Massage and Spa is looking forward to providing solution since the company values profitability through the offering of quality products and services.Marketing plan elements that will help in the business success

Primarily, the success of any venture depends on the degree in which the company uses the elements of marketing (Datta, Ailawadi, & van Heerde, 2017). Majorly, the main marketing elements are four. These include the famous four Ps, which refers to price, product, place, and promotion (Mendez Suarez, M., & Estevez, 2016). Among these elements, Lavender Massage and Spa will prioritize development and pricing. In spite of the fact, that the companys aim will be centered on making profits, it will structure its product pricing in a way that they will be lower as compared to its competitors. The company will thus have to carry out research to determine the prices that will be customer friendly.

The departments roles in coordinating the functions of the organization

The Sales Department

The sales staff will play a crucial duty in coordinating the functions of the business. In the first instance, it is through this department that the organization can distribute its products to the customers. The companys sales staff will be given the responsibility of advising the marketing department.

Customer service Department

This unit will be assigned the responsibility of providing direction and services to the clients. The department will help in ensuring that the customers are satisfied and motivated with the company's services.

The culture impact on international versus domestic marketing strategies

Culture refers to the beliefs, values, and behavior patterns of a given group (Mornah, & McDermott, 2016). Culture affects marketing strategies, which affect both domestic and international levels. Nonetheless, since the operations in national and international markets are not the same, the impact varies. For the business, the culture will have a significant impact on the marketing strategies of the company in international markets (Mornah, & McDermott, 2016). As such, the company will have to adjust to the social, religious, political beliefs of the trading countries.

Actions to be taken by the company to evolve with the targeted markets.

Different approaches will be used to make sure that the company grows with the domestic and international markets. In the first case, as Kotnour (2010) notes, business differentiation plays an integral role in making sure that the firm gets a sizeable share of the market. One of the differentiation strategies that the company will employ is to ensure that the business's products are durable enough. The company will also make full utilization of promotions strategies to reach its targeted customers.

Emerging Market trends that may affect the Business

Several emerging trends usually change the business. Among them is the technological development, which is sporadic especially in the development of beauty enhancement products. In using social media campaigns, the company will need to develop in consistent with technological advancements. Another trend that will most likely have an impact on the business is the domestic and global competition (Kotnour, 2010). It is because entities are always improving their operations to have an edge in the market.


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