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A class of persons protected is one thats commonly characterized and protected based on that common characteristic against discrimination. This class is consists of religion, color, national origin, and race. On National Origin; one may undergo unfavorable treatment concerning their heritage or based on their country origins. The color-based group consists of whites and blacks and the red. Racism comes on discrimination based on whites and blacks. Religion may be discriminated based on ones faith, such as Christians and Islam and lastly denial of some jobs based on age

Explain the contract and tort rights of employees and corresponding obligations and defenses of employers

Tort right is one that basically covers the instances backed by an intentional violation of a party. This involves protection from, defamation, the tort of outrage, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment and intentional interference with employment contracts. Under contract right, the contract is signed by two parties upon deliverance of their outlined responsibilities. Therefore the contract right outlines on the remedies to be adopted in instances where there is a contractual breach by one of the parties(Allen,2001). The corresponding obligation of employers involve; the employer is allocating the right job to the employee, the employee is obliged to give correct information about outlined rights under their contract, ensuring rightful payment to the employee and on right time and having a duty to ensure mutual trust and confidence between them. Employer defenses involve; where there is no contract there is no case, inadequate capacity to contract, instances of misinterpretation and unconscionability.

I will implement Internal Quality Assurance approach to develop quality deliverables, for this involves employees participation through reviews and joint synergies hence quality output. This will support my career development as it will enhance improvement on my worker motivation, staff responsibility for quality and cost reductions on my projects through preventions of re-working.

Challenge facing management of organizations today.

Organizations are operating in the rapidly changing period, and there are challenges that they face on a daily basis. The first challenge is the art of employee retention. Business is not only facing increased competition for customers but competition for employees. Businesses are struggling to retain their experienced employees especially. Currently, employees are not looking for money anymore, the workforce is after opportunity advancement and overoil satisfaction. Also, employees are after stable job which can make them flourish in their lives and businesses are not able to offer all this. As such, holding employees is becoming difficult especially the experienced one since they are after looking for other opportunities (Gentry et al.2014)

Another challenge is a technological advancement that has left most of the business behind. Most of the well-established companies started when the technology was not that advanced and integrating the ever-changing technology in business function is a challenge. Maximizing scares resources is also a challenge. Managers have a provided with few resources which they require to use in the current challenging environment and ensure that the business remains successful. Lastly, there are customer service challenges. Customers expect instant services in this world of instant gratification and customer take to the web to share their displeasure if the business offers a service or product that is less satisfactory (Schofield et al. 2008).

Evaluate the specific forms of workplace discrimination prohibited under current statutory and case law

Racial difference is discouraged for judgments based on physical and behavioral characteristics since all living humans belong to the same species.

The equal pay Act prohibits employers and unions from paying different wages based on sex.

Disability. Discrimination barriers are prohibited on people with capabilities.

Religion. Employers should not look at employees based on their indifference in religious faith.

What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing this assignment?

Competencies developed through the assignment include; knowledge of various statutory acts prohibiting employees discrimination at the workplace, change as a management challenge in organizations and the various methods of change management, ways in which an employee is lawfully protected and the obligations of the employer together with defenses they can apply.

How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?

The competencies and knowledge gained will support my career advancement through enabling my capacity to integration, strategic management, ensure trust and integrity as one of the employers obligation and capacity to work with diverse teams (Akkermans & Tims, 2016).


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