An Intern at AUSTAL USA: Career Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-08-17
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I was interning with the AUSTAL USA, a global company that major with the construction of prime defense contracts. The company also manufactures and designs defense and commercial ships. AUSTAL has been in the business for the 27years and is ranked among the leading designer, maintenance, and construction who brought revolutionary ships. The companys market includes the government, navies, ferry investors worldwide. The company has record 255 vessels so far.

I joined the company as an electrical engineer intern and hence worked in the department of Electrical Engineering. My supervisors included Brent Tarr, the companys chief electrical engineer. Under him, I would be assigned various projects. Most of the time I was engaged working on redesigning the lighting system on the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). My immediate supervisor was Mr. Scott Golf, the company Electrical Engineer manager. From time to time, I would consult Mr. Scott for help with minor issues regarding my projects and those of the company in general. He also offered me guidance and help with the electrical equipment.

Major task fulfilled, how and the experience gained

Among the major tasks, I had a chance to accomplish included redesigning old lighting system LCS. I transformed the LCS from incandescent lighting to new light emitting diodes or (LED). Accomplishing this task was challenging, and I had to consult with my supervisors on several occasions. The task was challenging, but with close supervision and perseverance, I managed. I employed a Navisworks program to obtain visual, and this triggered the paths to reroute the cables for all the new lights. I also used the power systems and field to obtain the kW and the amps. Completion of this project also recorded drops in Voltage drops when functioning with the new lighting and cable lengths. Working with the company was fulfilling for me because every day was a great experience. I have acquired critical skills needed in the field as an engineer through the project assignment and the practical, do-it-yourself orientation.

Areas of significant contributions

When I was assigned the project to redesign the LCS from incandescent lighting to LED, the results were impressive, and my supervisors wanted more of the transformation. My designer was the lead design that the company used to make the changes. The project created an epic transformation creating a 3d modeling after making the configuration of the lighting system. Other engineers used this information to retrace and track any corrections needed and synchronize my work with the whole electrical system. The electricals system is tied to the same electrical panels and hence a need to make a rebalance to the load distribution. Giving the best of my skills in the project from the start started a process that the technical assistance would use to properly re-code the names of all pieces of cable and new LED light with the navy. It was a significant accomplishment for me, and I helped in adding value to the company as the company adds value to me.

Courses I found Crucial During Internship

In general, all the course was helpful as they informed my theory basis and helped me drain the knowledge and convert it to practical skills. Among the most important included Digital logic, programming, Engineering Software Tools, for the electrical side Computer. Aided Design. And Modeling (AutoCAD) for redesigning the electrical systems. I used the knowledge of electrical computers for my first project mostly. In the consequent projects, I found that in most cases I would integrate the knowledge from all the mentioned fields and sometimes from other courses as well. The listed courses were pertinent to my Co-Op assignment as they provided a rich and sufficient knowledge base that helped me work on my assignments efficiently and effectively.

Courses like electronic training classes, Digital Logic, and Electrical Experiment have been quite helpful. These courses build a base for me, firm enough to rely on and commence assigned projects. The knowledge foundation gave me confidence and self-determination to acquire the best skills from the company during my time there.

Uncertainties, Anxieties, and Discomfort

In the beginning, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. Starting at any new company someone feels unprepared and naive. I didnt know the culture of the firm, what to expect from people or what those people would be expecting from me. The uncertainties were unsettling because the internship program was significant to me. Further, it was the first time I was joining an office as a worker. In general, I was naive about virtually any work or organizational culture, system, and rules. I did my pervious field works in the field, or offshore, it was bothering me how the experience of sitting behind a desk for 8-12 pushing paperwork would turn out for me. It was a major adjustment at a personal and professional level. I was impressed by the changes I had undergone in one month. I was already accelerating on navigating through internal network and finding appropriate programs for using in my projects.

I would recommend the University for the preparation procedure and efforts they employ to prepare students for internship programs, and still, there is room for improvement. However, I am not in a position to pick specific issues at the moment given that my experience in the institution is very slim. I have been at this university for a short period.

How to better prepare next time

If I have a chance of this nature in future, I will consider a higher rank for some aspects like socializing. Currently, I have a very limiting schedule which leaves me with little or no time for socializing. I work for 12-15 hours in a week, and my timetable requires me to attend five classes. I would also put some serious thoughts about living arrangement considering the conditions of my apartment and the neighborhood, its quality a general expense as well as its proximity to different places that I would access on a daily basis. Another issues is expenses, including vehicle, insurance, cell phones, and others. My average utilities add up to about $3400 every month. My family and I live on the upper side of the city, so our home is worth $227,000, and it is only six years old. We live near the military Base of NAS and a bit outside of Pensacola Florida in the town of Perdida Key. My expenses are a lot higher than the average. When I worked offshore, I made over $130 000 a year. Currently, I make half of this to complete my college degree. Keeping everything in balance is tough.


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