200+ Economics Essay Topics

200+ Economics Essay Topics

When speaking of essays on economics, one of the most important points to consider if you aim to get the top grade is the topic you would like to discuss. That is why many students get stuck after their professors give them that type of writing assignment. The situation becomes even more frightening for them when their professor is more liberal and allows them to choose their paper’s topic on their own. A student may simply think they won’t be able to come up with economics essay topics worth the best grade.

However, it’s not that difficult to pick a worthy topic among economics essay examples, no matter how much time you’ve got to complete an assignment. Here is a short guide on topic generation, along with a list of over 200 topics about economics.

How to Choose Economic Topics to Write About

When considering economics topics for a presentation, essay, research or term paper, and other assignments, you’ll be much happier if you pay attention to three aspects. Here they are.

  1. Topic relevance – how relevant is the topic you choose? What contribution can you make with it?
  2. Personal interest – would you be pleased to work on that theme? Your research and writing will be more effective if the chosen topic is close to you;
  3. Academic level – is the topic correlating with the current level of your studies? Choosing a theme of a too low or too high level is equally bad.

Now, let’s pay some more attention to economics topics for essays, term papers, research papers, custom coursework writing, and other assignments.

Essay Topics about Economics

Below, you will find more than two hundred interesting economic topics. Feel free to use them as they are for your papers or consider them as reference ideas to come up with original themes. 

Political Economy Essay Topics

  1. Political economy and its connection to tourism
  2. State stability: the impact of monetary fund on its improvement
  3. How to target inflation in open economies?
  4. Global economic crisis and its effect on politics
  5. How does unemployment level affect the country’s economy?
  6. What's the connection between political economy and ethics?
  7. Global warming as the factor initiating financial problems
  8. Fiscal illusion and ignorance: how they affect the economy
  9. Macro normative theories and world state ranking: comparison of concepts
  10. Best financial tools to bring political benefits
  11. Economic reasons for the fall of the roman empire
  12. How public policies are affected by ignorance of voters
  13. Media and their political economy: a retrospective
  14. The developmental potential of the state in progressing economic areas
  15. The financial crisis and its special features
  16. Was Nazi Germany a perfect capitalistic state?
  17. Global imbalances: specifics and consequences
  18. Main capital streams worldwide
  19. The U.S. and accumulation of capital
  20. Product and service deficit consequences: the Soviet Union case
  21. Economy’s progressive issues
  22. A country’s poverty: redefinition for 2021
  23. Shadow banking: what’s that?
  24. Political-economic policy: who determines it?
  25. Inframarginal analysis: future perspectives
  26. Capitalism: the durability of the economic system
  27. The economic potential of non-democratic countries
  28. How terrorism affects oil and gas prices in the world
  29. Political economics and sociology: connections and prospects
  30. Labor share crisis: factors, specific features, economic consequences

International Economics Paper Ideas

  1. The effect of globalization processes on international relations in economics
  2. China’s structure of import and export: analysis
  3. NATO initiatives and financial development of Eastern Europe
  4. Trade wars and how they impact world finance
  5. Cheap international labor market and justice deficiency for it
  6. Historical retrospective of Great Britain: mercantilism issue explained
  7. The reasons for global economies to fail to solve environmental protection issues
  8. Brazil: international trading and growth potential
  9. Western economic sanctions on Russia: effectiveness evaluation
  10. Mitsubishi Motors and its international business successes
  11. Global ecological troubles in economics: the case of Russia
  12. Industrial international criminal justice: issues and prospects
  13. Singapore: solutions promoting the state’s economic growth
  14. Raw materials exploration dispute between US and China: a case study
  15. The “gig economy” phenomenon and how it affects the worldwide economy
  16. How the growth of the worldwide population impacts the international economy
  17. Globalization and international economics: retrospectives and perspectives
  18. The effect of Brexit on the EU economy
  19. South African economic model and international trading
  20. Economics history: how explorations of Columbus, Vespucci, and Magellan affected the economics of medieval Europe
  21. The economic system of Central African Republic: possible ways to solve state problems
  22. Global economy misbalance
  23. The growth of China’s power: ways for the main economies to adapt to new normal
  24. Managerial economics of SpaceX

Social Economics Essay Topics

  1. The long-term consequences of the USA 1950s racial segregation for state economics
  2. How the social status of a customer affects their purchase preferences
  3. The just social-economic system: key points to build it
  4. Hong Kong’s socio-economic status in China nowadays
  5. The US economic expansion after the World War 2 end
  6. Socio-economic achievements of Nazi Germany
  7. Socio-economic consequences of space expansion
  8. USSR of the late 1980s: perestroika’s financial consequences
  9. South Africa: socio-economic problems caused by apartheid
  10. United Arab Emirates: factors of economic growth and its social effects
  11. Socio-economic development disbalance due to gender inequality issues worldwide
  12. How AI development will impact local labor markets
  13. Sudan’s poverty: social and financial consequences
  14. Women’s economic status change between the 19th and the 21st centuries
  15. How Covid-19 affected global trading and financial systems
  16. The mutual interaction of major economic groups
  17. The effect of economic knowledge on the civilizational progress
  18. Socio-economic consequences of the industrial revolution
  19. Top inequality: the difference of powers between billionaires
  20. Country’s agricultural development: a comparative analysis of evaluation systems
  21. Social media as a brand advertisement instrument
  22. Impact of Facebook on global financial models

Micro Economics Essay Topics

  1. Essay on inflation: definitions, kinds, reasons, outcomes
  2. How game theory affected economic theories
  3. Labor force participation and its effects on the state budget and economy
  4. How consumers change their choices with the change of their earnings
  5. Opportunity cost: pros of the solution when making individual decisions
  6. Financial management failures of beginning entrepreneurs
  7. How marriage status affects the composition of the labor force
  8. Market equilibrium core ideas
  9. How price defines the behavior of buyers
  10. The impact of advertising on the elasticity of prices
  11. How microeconomic models depend on natural conditions
  12. The law of demand: does it work for luxury goods and services?
  13. Family budget calculation principles
  14. The business model of razor and blades
  15. Aspects affecting the system of pricing
  16. Developing a student debt repayment system
  17. Marketing strategy of Intel company and its influence on revenues
  18. Network effects: what is their meaning?
  19. Main personal budget pitfalls
  20. Microeconomic factors of regional development
  21. Nvidia company’s economic growth: reasons and prospects
  22. Monopoly: microeconomic consequences for consumers
  23. Consumer inflation: what’s that?
  24. Microeconomic solutions to increase income: AMD case study
  25. The reverse side of startup development: pressure coming from CEO’s financial responsibilities
  26. Comparison of main family budget models
  27. The smartphone market in the US: share, dynamics, potential future changes
  28. Economic risk evaluation: key moments for small startup owners to consider 
  29. Financial planning and its importance in small business development
  30. Remote jobs: are home offices the way to reduce costs for businesses?
  31. Key microeconomic trends of 2021 and their use for large companies
  32. The average salary of education workers: how does it affect education quality?
  33. Local labor market functioning principles: Washington case study

Macroeconomics Essay Topics

  1. Differences between state economic models of the USA and Russia
  2. The global market growth and its consequences
  3. Main macroeconomics concepts
  4. Global food production and consumption: is it balanced?
  5. Macroeconomics of the future: how gen Z children will change the way finance works
  6. The gap between rich and poor people worldwide: reasons making it grow
  7. Benefits of Brexit for the UK
  8. The problem of capital concentration
  9. Economic development of the Roman Empire
  10. Australia’s recession: proofs, reasons, outcomes
  11. The factors determining the value of a currency
  12. How weak national currency can stimulate the growth of a country’s internal markets
  13. State regulation vs. free markets: which model is better to overcome the crisis
  14. Macroeconomic failures of the USSR
  15. History of finance development: economics of Ancient Greece
  16. Main reasons for state’s financial growth
  17. How government spending affects the economy
  18. Global financial crisis: the responsibility of banks and states for it
  19. The financial system of the UK: advantages and weaknesses
  20. The effect of globalization on Germany
  21. Ways for governments to rule economies
  22. Economic development of Japan: history and prospects
  23. A planned economy as the way to close industrial gaps: USSR in 1930’s case
  24. Reasons for the global financial recession
  25. How economic globalization forces changes in international politics of most powerful states
  26. How macroeconomic changes affect the housing industry
  27. Ways for countries with the modest economic potential to increase their inhabitants’ welfare
  28. Global market capacity evaluation
  29. World’s most expensive business companies
  30. Factors potentially leading to the global financial collapse
  31. The psychological and financial effect of money
  32. Inflation: how does it depend on the money supply?
  33. India: potential points to use for economic growth
  34. Belarus: consequences of 2016 currency denomination
  35. Economic planning: its importance for state development
  36. Mineral resources of the planet: spending and future prognosis
  37. Financial benefits of green energy
  38. Ways to rebalance economies: China
  39. How to increase preciseness of economic forecasting
  40. Investment: key factors to gain stable profits for state budgets
  41. The UK economy: how it works
  42. Main macroeconomic challenges of the 21st century
  43. The impact of tourism on global economies
  44. The economic potential of Turkey
  45. Best macroeconomic solutions in human history
  46. How to stimulate the demand
  47. Semiconductor industry crisis of 2021 and its consequences for global economics
  48. Macroeconomic trends of the future
  49. The US crisis
  50. Russia’s nuclear industry leadership: how it can help the state grow financially
  51. Ideas on development of Siberia’s natural resources
  52. Alaska: how to improve the state’s economics

Behavioral Economics Paper Topics

  1. How the overload of opportunities paralyzes the customer
  2. Amazon case study: discounting behavioral economics
  3. Generation differences: how people of different ages make purchase decisions
  4. Ways to form a trustworthy brand for a customer: behavioral economics angle
  5. Corporations stimulating the demand: how they make customers spend more money
  6. Digital finance: how online banking changed people’s perception of money
  7. The use cases of big data technologies to improve sales via consumer’s behavior studies
  8. Customer motivation from the viewpoint of behavioral economics
  9. Substance abuse problem: ways to affect it through consumer behavior management
  10. Happiness: does a purchase need to make a customer happy?
  11. The irrationality of a customer’s mind is predictable
  12. The trust economy: what’s that?
  13. The economy of trust: the case of Uber
  14. Psychological effects of a great purchase
  15. Key info big data volumes miss when predicting consumers’ behavior
  16. Do families with separate budgets spend less?

Economics Term Paper Topics

  1. Explaining the economic forecasting
  2. The economics of water resources
  3. Microeconomics: main methodological concepts
  4. US workforce: economics, and development potential
  5. UK matching markets: what are they?
  6. The issue of privatization: is it for good?
  7. The danger of foreign goods occupying the country’s market
  8. Market structure of China
  9. Wars: how do they affect the winner’s economy?
  10. Consumer’s behavior analysis: key points to consider
  11. Demand elasticity concept explained
  12. Wage determination: how it’s done
  13. Minimum wage: what’s its economic influence?
  14. Genders and ways for them to affect the US economics in 2021
  15. Production cost analysis: how to avoid calculation mistakes
  16. Refugee migrants and their impact on European economics
  17. Case study: how Apple became the first trillion-dollar company
  18. World’s main financial centers
  19. Game theory: what’s that?
  20. Ways to create consumer demand in a market with high competition
  21. Military economics complexity
  22. How armed forces’ development boosts the economic growth of the state: Russia case study
  23. The US military budget and its impact on the state’s economy
  24. Financial solutions to world hunger problems

To Conclude

That’s enough, isn’t it? Now you’ve got more than 200 good extended essay topics for economics to consider. They can suit any type or subtopic your paper should touch on like current microeconomic issues or globalization processes. Choose the one correlating with your current needs the most, and then come back to that huge list every time you need topic suggestions.

Good luck with essay writing!