70 Simple Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper

70 Simple Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper

Microeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of individual economic agents, companies, and factories in their production, exchange, or distribution activities. This science focuses on analyzing the principles based on which decisions are made. 

Besides, this subject is extremely interesting, and students are unlikely to have problems choosing good topics. However, any beginner will probably want to look at examples before making a final choice. So, take a look at these 70 topics, and you will surely find a great place to start your research paper.

Microeconomics Project Ideas

Let's start with the most popular and fairly simple topics. For example, you can study the concept of hyperinflation or describe the effect of dumping on certain economic agents. Or are you more interested in analyzing the key factors of supply and demand? Either way, this list will help you figure out where to start.

  1. What Are the Main Prerequisites and Consequences of Hyperinflation?
  2. How Does Game Theory Affect Underlying Microeconomic Impulses?
  3. How Do Employee Strikes Affect the Productivity of Enterprises?
  4. What Is the Principle of Market Equilibrium?
  5. How Does the Rise in Prices Affect the Purchasing Power of Citizens?
  6. Can Price Dumping Affect the Microeconomic Balance?
  7. What Is Ideal Market Equilibrium?
  8. How Do External Factors Affect the Profitability of Enterprises?
  9. How Much Does Demand Depend on Supply?
  10. What Are the Most Successful Business Models in the World Today?

This list is balanced enough for those students who want to analyze current microeconomic issues. Thus, you can describe the underlying microeconomic impulses in the market. In any case, you do not have to search for data for a long time since all topics are quite popular.

Simple Research Topics in Economics

Not all microeconomic aspects are difficult to learn. There are quite a few topics that are understandable even for beginners. For example, you can describe the principles of monopoly using the example of a company or compare economic patterns for the formation of supply and demand in the market. This list will help you determine the direction of your research.

  1. What Is the Difference Between the Economic Development Model of Pepsi and Coca-Cola?
  2. What Are the Main Pricing Patterns in the Oil Market?
  3. How Fair Is the Progressive Tax System?
  4. Why Is It Important to Stick To a Product and Service Differentiation Strategy?
  5. How Detrimental Is the Monopoly on the Profits of Small Companies?
  6. Why Is Consumer Inflation Negatively Affecting the Us Economy?
  7. Why Do Most Modern Startups Go Bankrupt Within the First Year?
  8. What Is the Main Reason for the Stagnation of the Tablet Market?
  9. What Are the Potential Risks When Opening a Store?
  10. What Are the Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees for Companies?

These are the most basic microeconomics topics to write about. The main advantage is easily finding trusted sources on the Internet or in your local library. In general, this list is suitable for those students who do not want to waste time on excessive analysis of any microeconomic sphere.

Econometric Research Topics

Most likely, you already know that econometrics is associated with analyzing statistical and economic models to test various economic theories and hypotheses. This is why you can choose topics related to regression models and null hypothesis testing. Plus, what about analyzing current financial trends? Here are ten topics to help you decide where to start first.

  1. The Okun’s Law: Key Features and Critical Patterns.
  2. What Is the Main Feature of Disposable Income?
  3. How Big Is the Influence of the Political Elite on the Modern Market?
  4. How Do Companies Expand Internationally?
  5. How Does the Semiconductor Shortage Affect the Bottom Line of American Companies?
  6. How Does China Contain Inflationary Trends?
  7. How Strongly Do Social Benefits Affect Microeconomic Performance?
  8. What Is the Impact of Free Trade On the Profitability of American Companies?
  9. How Does Bioenergy Affect Startup Success?
  10. How Much Does a Foreign Investment Affect American Companies?

As you can see, these are excellent economic research topics for college students. Plus, you don't have to spend weeks looking for trusted sources. In general, the topic data is quite relevant, and your professor will probably appreciate your choice.

Political Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Politics greatly influences microeconomic factors and the pace of development of companies. Politicians, senators, and even regional officials can change the policy of providing goods and services. Here are topics that might interest you.

  1. How Do Conflicting Policy Decisions Affect Corporate Earnings?
  2. How Do Totalitarian Politicians Influence Microeconomics?
  3. What Are the Main Ways of Corrupt Regulation of the Market?
  4. The Main Political Patterns That Affect Market Competition
  5. Can the Right Policy Decisions Improve the US Microeconomic Climate?
  6. What Is Political Propaganda, and How Does It Affect Business?
  7. The Main Political Pressure Levers on Monopoly Companies
  8. What Are the Main Disadvantages of a Political Economy?
  9. Does the Government Need to Support Microeconomic Subsidies?
  10. What Are the Main Ways to Resolve Political Conflicts in the US Market?

There are quite a few political topics that show the positive and negative influence of a country or individual politicians on microeconomics. In particular, you can also describe the influence of political factors and the planned economy as a symbol of authoritarian regimes.

Ecology Microeconomics Paper Topics

Nature is an important factor in regulating microeconomic factors. For example, one hurricane or earthquake can cause more destruction than a local military conflict. That is why the company owners should consider the territorial location of offices and production workshops. These ten topics are ideal for beginners and those looking to research the environmental impact of a business.

  1. How Much Do Seasonal Impulses Affect Companies?
  2. What Is the Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on the Gadget Market?
  3. What Is the Essence of Environmental Factors, and How Do They Affect the Real Estate Market?
  4. How Can Modern Companies Develop Eco-Trends?
  5. Why Does Environmental Pollution Harm the Microeconomy?
  6. Why Is the Recycling of Raw Materials So Important for Startups?
  7. What Are Environmental Quotas, and Why Are They Important for Companies?
  8. How Does Nuclear Power Affect the Payback Periods of Some Companies?
  9. How Do Natural Disasters Affect the Economic Situation in the United States?
  10. Can Alternative Energies Contribute to an Increase in the Number of Startups?

Take any environmental pattern and investigate its impact on specific companies or an entire industry. Most likely, you will find interesting patterns that will help you confirm a certain hypothesis or determine the level of influence of nature on the business sphere. Even if you do not select any of the items on this list, you will have a clear vision of what you want to write about.

Modern Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Suppose you decide to choose a modern topic that will affect digitalization, AI technologies, and other trends that affect microeconomic indicators. This is a good decision because you can find tons of important data online. All you need to do is choose the area of your research.

  1. The Impact of Digitalization on Grocery Companies
  2. How Does Modern Technology Create New Markets?
  3. Can Modern Startups Be Called the Future Leaders of the Industry?
  4. How Do International Relations Affect the Us Microeconomy?
  5. How to Stop the Monopolization of the Gadget Market?
  6. Why Does the State Control the Chinese Gadget Market?
  7. What Is the Influence of the Political Elite on the Growth of Monopoly on the Agricultural Machinery Market?
  8. Why Are Microeconomic Patterns Not a Key Parameter for Market Analysis?
  9. Is It Possible to Predict the Company’s Growth Based on Microeconomic Indicators?
  10. How Does the Real Estate Market Affect Other Industries?

These are just a few of the topics worthy of your attention. Concentrate on what interests you. For example, there are tons of great options for research related to robotics or the use of computer simulations. Feel free to experiment and combine some aspects to make your paper more versatile.

Top 10 Microeconomics Topics

And here is a list of the most relevant topics that you should pay attention to. This is partly due to their relevance and the ability to find data on the web quickly. In addition, such options will allow you to show your research skills and get a good grade. So here's a list that might be of interest to you.

  1. How Has the Pandemic Affected Startups in the US?
  2. Why Is the Modern Supply Chain of Goods Independent of Regional Factors?
  3. How Is Competition Regulated in a Pandemic?
  4. The Main Stages of Development of Energy Companies.
  5. Why Should Microeconomic Theories Change?
  6. What Types of Inflation Are Most Relevant During a Period of Stagnation?
  7. How Is the Price Formed During the Microeconomic Storm?
  8. What Are the Main Differences Between Microeconomic Models?
  9. Why Are Companies Switching to a Remote Work Format?
  10. Do You Need to Modernize the Real Estate Market?

As you can see, these topics are quite relevant to the modern world. Therefore, it will be interesting for you to study any new aspects affecting microeconomics. If your professor has given you the freedom to choose, you can concentrate on what is relevant to you or arouses your interest. Start by analyzing trusted sources and narrow your searches down to 3-5 topics. Then it will be easier for you to choose an area to write about.