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Published: 2021-08-18
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Naturally, women have a limit by a lot of aspects examples of such include; elements of the environment, natural elements, and more others. Generally, in the world, the most talented and highly educated women do not get a chance to the highest rank in the society. It has often occurred that women sacrifice their interests; what they want to become, for family duties and house chores that being a wife and mother requires her to do. The truth of the matter is that the future of the society relies on women. If a woman gets a chance to education, the entire community will be educated for generations to come. It will then light the city to greater heights. A famous poet in South India said that a genuinely advancing society is one who regards women as essential and of respect for the unseen duties they play.

Women give shape, create and preserve the culture of humans. Ethical behavior is present in the society because of the women. Men tend to change their manners when a woman comes into their room. Men happen to be better creatures in the long run. Education rises in standards and continues because women are ambitious on themselves and people that surround them. Women are the most potent force existing in the world. Women in the society are not the same to men. Men occupy the top positions in many countries, and the number of women is just small. Women considered as minor in the State House and Senate. In president congresses held, the name of the women who attend is small. Women suffer domestic violence the most. She often suffers from sexual abuse from partners in her life. It can be in the workplace or even at home as they grow up around their abusive fathers and uncles in some cases. According to research done women are the ones that suffer poverty the most. It is because they dont get educated to enhance and use the skills they acquire for financial support. Around six out of ten families having women as the breadwinner is poor; especially the single mums and women who live alone. Women and men are no the same when it comes to how they get paid. Men tend to earn more. (Jane Freedman, 7).

The duties of women have dramatically changed significantly in years in Arabia since Islam began in the early 600s. The rank has differently altered with moving political, social and economic issues. Even if Islam considers women and men as the same in the eyes of God, women still dont have a chance to reach many sectors in the life of Islam. Some administrators and rulers authorized a system of that encourages inequality which they make then right as per the traditions laid by the prophet and Qurrans interpretations. The colonialist challenged them concerning how they viewed and positioned women in the society. Since the independence of Islam in 1900s, women have been in between reformers and traditionalist.

Arab initially and in history have made male to dominate women in the culture. Male regarded the supreme. Even with womens rights, the women are still in the earlier times which take part in destroying how men and women relate in the society. People always ask where Islamic rights for women are in the culture. The question does not only rises in non-Arab communities but also in Arabic society itself more so when there is an element of womens right abused.

The Arabic countries are trying to give women their rights as given to them by the Islam. The government, therefore, only needs to support what the Islamic religion has already given the women. Such effect of world trend has placed the Muslim women in between international currents. It puts more emphasis on the duties of women in the development and them being granted their rights to be the same as men. Arabic countries are looking forward to eradicating any discrimination of women and making reservations towards some reasons that may not go in line with the teachings of religion.

Inequality of the women in Arabic culture has more to do with than just one aspect. For instance, women prohibited from driving cars. Many voices have protested against this but all in vain. The culture restricts women from driving. There are other severe practices of discrimination seen that is; in giving women the right to citizenship to children of a citizen woman who is married to a non-citizen husband. Arabs hold on to this so strictly. The country has become successful in gaining a generous attitude towards the children in a situation where she is married to someone who is a non-Tunisian. Egypt has strived hard in this, but there is a stiff restriction on the right. In a patriarchal point of it, the father's citizenship that matters tells the loyalty of the children to a country. Strive continues in Egypt, and the organization of women stiffly protect in this respect.

The issue above about women denied their right to the place of judge and also citizenship is among the priorities of feminist. Another problem that women face is a harmful practice that is blamed on Islam and is covered widely on the outside of Islam. The exercise is female circumcision or removal of the clitoris. People who are not Muslims regard the Islam as being uncivilized, inhuman, cruel since it involves such a ritual and demand women to go through this violent act. Islam religion does not recognize this accusation. It has its roots in Africa and back to the times of Pharaoh in Egypt. Female circumcision is part of the values of the community that appertain to how women behave. (Luxembourg, 8)

The Arabs call this purification that is women sexual purity. The meaning of this practice is to lower womens craving for sex by removing the clitoris. Reason being, tradition highly value a girls virginity. The circumcision is done to prevent any violation that can happen by morality. A girl undergoes this practice before they reach the puberty age so that by the time sexual urge comes she will be safe from trouble. By doing this, the family of the girl is sure of her virginity till marriage. One solid proof that the Islam religion is the blame for this practice is that majority of the Muslims and Christians do it in Egypt. As such the religious and cultural history of this exercise is explicitly clarified. Female circumcision has so extended in parts of Africa, and this increases childbirth complications. The speed of this method has dropped meaningfully in Egypt as movements against feminism increased.

The efforts from the health sectors to give explanations about the increasing complications that accompany female circumcision; also how it impacts women negatively in psychological terms have not succeeded. Because of the high wave of Islam that encourages this practice and but more of it puts emphasize of the same. One authority in the health sector tried to stop it but was not able because of the substantial restriction from the society. Later a trial to avoid the problems accompanied by the malpractice and restrict the practice made. The levels they took when to a limit where such methods were done in hospitals and clinics and were to be done by doctors only. In the past, this practice done with midwives, and no hygiene was there so by allowing the trained to perform it reduced the complications.

The government tried to put this practice under control but confronted by a severe wave that claimed to be authoritative in Islam. A final solution to the circumcision was done by the head of the ministry of health in the past few years to stop this practice altogether. At a society level, the method is a ritual from Islam which guides to a firm conviction of a large number of the population of the sanctity. The problem is that women who underwent this look forward to seeing their girls have gone through the same with the claim that it is a wrong to Islam if the done do it.


Making education to be gender sensitive.

There has been increased access to educational facilities, but it is slow. It involves making sure there are textbooks to encourage positive opinion. It is significant for girls to finish school as citizens who can bring up a more same society.

Having talked with girls

Talking to girls and women about the effects and risks of female circumcision will improve the stop of the practice.

Stop the sexual harassment and marriage of children.

Giving young girls for marriage is a significant barrier for children to go school and get educated. For them to get educated this practice must come to an end. Sexual harassment must also stop.

Giving women a chance to be in power.

Research has shown that putting women in power has defeated many barriers to their success. A womans voice has, and her capability of becoming a leader in the society is essential.

Stop the domestic violence.

A lot of women according to statistics passes through violence in their life mostly from their intimate partners. The WHO has extended what the knowledge about abuse, but much is still unknown. By reducing the force of women will allow women to follow their ambitions and desires in life hence will be successful.


In summary, the inequalities in the Arabs have been criticised not by Arabs alone but also non-Arabs. Arabs understand their religion and know the rights of women in the community that gives them their citizenship. Such criticism can be because of Arabic countries are in the middle of one wave and also contradict the gender inequality. On the other side, there is a worldly trend developing that asks for equality of women in their entire life. The range to which inequality in women differs from one Arabic country to the other, at the same time issue can, in the same way, reflect the variation. If women in Saudi are restricted from driving even the one in Egypt are also not allowed. It is time for women to be given their freedom so that they can develop and become successful.


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