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Published: 2021-08-02
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Smoking has become a trend in the contemporary society. Most individuals acquire this habit at an early age due to peer pressure. It acts as a sort of initiation into a certain group of individuals who are considered popular and awesome. It goes up to the point of no return. After extensive use, it becomes impossible to stop due to addiction. As it is often said, too much of everything is poisonous (Jha & Peto, 2014). In the recent years, smoking has been attributed to a number of ailments. These range from cancer to various heart-related diseases. Smoking not only causes harm to active smokers but even passive ones. The question on whether smoking should be banned is quite debatable. Proponents of banning this trend explore the various impacts of smoking on both the individual and the society (Ramasundarahettige et al., 2013). It is estimated that a population of 1.2 million people dies every year as a result of this. This equals two thousand individuals in a single day. This paper argues that smoking should be banned because it affects the health of both passive and active smokers, pollutes the environment and causes misery among individual smokers.

Smoking affects the health of both active and passive smokers. The prohibition of anything that exposes individuals to health problems is quite justifiable. This is because health should be given priority over all other factors. Studies indicate that there is a close relationship between smoking and certain diseases such as cancer and heart-diseases. This also affects passive smokers since they are subjected to second-hand smoke Statistics show an estimated mortality rate of one and a half million individuals as a result of diseases caused by smoking. Imposing a ban on smoking would promote health in the society (Jha & Peto, 2014). This is because it would eliminate this smoke and the effects caused by it. The health factor is one among some of the reasons why this trend should be banned.

Smoking leads to pollution and renders the environment unsustainable for the promotion of health. The manufacture of cigarettes contributes to the emission of chemicals to the environment. These comprise of ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and sulphuric acid among more. These chemicals contaminate water and cause air pollution Even further, the consumption of this commodity contributes to the release of carcinogens into the atmosphere. Such toxins not only harm humans but also animal life (Jha & Peto, 2014). This is because they cause cancer and other heart-related ailments. Banning smoking would impact the maintenance of a clean environment and promote health to both human and animal life.

Banning smoking would increase individual welfare and rid smokers of their misery. This would be a major step in the promotion of their health. This is because these individuals have a dire need to quit the habit which is inhibited by the fact that the substance is readily available. Cigarette smoking is highly addictive. This is one of the reasons why withdrawal proves difficult ( Ramasundarahettige et al, 2013). The prohibition of this commodity would render it unavailable and force smokers to cope with withdrawal symptoms. This would be a remarkable step in the promotion of individual welfare.

It is absolutely vital for countries worldwide to impose a ban on smoking. This is because smoking deteriorates health, pollutes the environment and causes misery to those who are addicted. Banning would not only be justifiable, it would also aid in the promotion of each individual's welfare in the society. It would result in a reduction in cases of lung cancer and heart disease, decreasing mortality rates. It would also help save finances that would be incurred in seeking medical attention. The elevation of the society's welfare should be the core focus. Anything that puts individuals health in jeopardy should instantly be banned. This is the most effective course of action.



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