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Published: 2021-07-19
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The rank of chief petty officer in the US navy was officially established in 1893. However, it was in 1920 when the US congress first sanctioned promotions to chief petty officer within the coast guard. In the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps, the rank is the last cadet rate. In 1958, a new pay grade system in the US navy led to the introduction of senior chief petty officer and master chief petty officer. Before this, a chief petty officer would serve in the navy for more than thirty years. However, after 1960, the service tenure was limited to 24 years. Despite these changes, the role of chief petty officer remains significant. As a patriot, I believe that I have a duty to safeguard our country. Being a chief petty officer in the US navy is the role I want to play in ensuring our countrys safety. In this paper, I explain why I want to be a chief petty officer in the US navy.

The rank of chief petty officer was introduced to help bring together navy officers and enlisted personnel. Typically, chief petty officers are known as technical experts and leaders. Since the twentieth century, chief petty officers have constantly laid the foundation for their future counterparts. They are unique servant-leaders who act as a cornerstone within the US navy. Adequate knowledge in intricate matters concerning the ship provides them with distinctive abilities that are unrivaled even by other senior officers. They help both officers and enlisted personnel undertake their day-to-day operations. This task includes disciplining enlisted personnel, effective supervision of personnel, and acting as an advocate for the navy personnel.

In the navy, commissioned officers as well as enlisted personnel always look to the chief petty officer when they need something. This stresses the importance of procedure within the navy. Apart from this, it enables officers and other personnel to conduct their duties at ease. By bridging the gap between officers and enlisted personnel, chiefs ensure that both parties do not waste time. For instance, when an officer needs an explanation about a given matter, he or she can address the chief directly without having to divert the efforts of other working personnel. This task provides chiefs with the power to prepare and operate the navys work and military schedules.

In addition, chiefs play a crucial role in recruiting and developing new skills within the US navy. Retaining skilled navy personnel is a vital part of the navy process. If the enlisted personnel cannot perform as per expectations, it is up to the chief petty officer to ensure that new skills are hired. The chiefs have the power to introduce any necessary and legal means to ensure the enlisted personnel are performing to their best. As technical experts, navy chief petty officers also act as professional liaisons to appointed officers. They identify, establish, and preserve conditions for navy personnel. These conditions are necessary because they provide commissioned officers with the opportunities to succeed. In turn, this raises the overall performance of the navy.

Chiefs mainly exist as silent officers in the US navy. Nevertheless, their efforts help maintain order and morale in US navy ships. Although many do not know their roles, I believe they have contributed greatly towards maintaining the countrys defense forces over the years. Not only will being a chief petty officer help me play a role in safeguarding the country, it will enable me to maintain and advance the good work of previous chiefs.

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