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Published: 2021-06-23
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The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie should be banned. Sherman is a short story writer, novelist, filmmaker, and a poet. Arnold Spirit Junior is the narrator. He had water in his brain at birth. He has two friends, Oscar and Rowdy, who help build the plot of the story. He got suspended from school for hitting his teacher with a book. Therefore, he went to another school where he punched another student by the name Roger (Alexie 34). Later, he began playing basketball and got knocked by Rowdy, but they reconcile at the end. Banned books are the published books which are forbidden by the law. The work of Alexie should be banned for addressing sex explicitly, upholding domestic violence, perpetuating controversial spiritual views, and enhancing cruelty.

Alexies book should be banned. However, much thought should be given before implementing the prohibition. Some people feel that it addresses important matters like search for ones identity, the struggles young adults go through, poverty, and bullying. Also, they believe the narrator has encouraged young people to explore their talents since he draws cartoons every time he is free. He is also seen to play basketball (Alexie 40). Moreover, the book through Arnolds grandmother, tells children that they should not fight their enemies but walk away when they are bullied.

Alexies piece of work should be banned despite the mentioned advantages to the young adults. This is because it addresses sex explicitly as Arnold spends much time in the bathroom with pictures of movie stars who are naked. He masturbates, and says he good at it and proud of doing it. Moreover, he states that if a Professional Masturbators League existed, he would become the leader and make millions (Alexie 125). Exposing teenagers to such readings makes them want to explore the vice, which bears sexual immorality in society.

Furthermore, the book should be banned for exposing young children to issues of domestic violence. Rowdys father is a drunkard who beats Rowdy and his mother. Consequently, they have bloody and bruised faces to the extent that Rowdy claims they make him look tough. Also, there exist controversial spiritual views when Arnold claims that God gave people hands for them to masturbate. If he did not want the vice, then he could not have given people thumbs. Hence, the book makes children validate cases of domestic violence like Rowdy who said it made him look tough (Alexie 99). Children also fail to recognize Gods significance because they believe he gave people hands to masturbate.

Moreover, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian should be banned for enhancing cruelty. Arnolds father shot and killed Oscar who was sick. He needed medical care to save his life. He trusted Arnold and knew they were friends, and he would help him get treatment to regain his health (Alexie 78). However, Arnold is the one who took him out to give his father a good space for shooting.

In conclusion, Alexie's piece of work should be banned for addressing sex explicitly, upholding domestic violence, perpetuating controversial spiritual views, and enhancing cruelty. Therefore, the book should not be given to teenagers to read because they will end up being sexually immoral, become violent parents in future, and their belief in God will be affected. Additionally, they will become cruel beings.


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