What's the Hardest Part of Being a Teenager? - Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-29
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Being a teenager is indeed a journey that encompasses both delightful and unpleasant experiences which are instrumental in shaping one for adulthood. There are many hurdles and challenges that teenagers come across and their reactions towards them play a significant role in shaping one's character at this stage.

In the current society where social media has glamourized certain lifestyles, many teenagers find themselves in identity crisis where they try to conform and identify themselves with certain cliques and groups of people. A lot of teenagers struggle to find a sense of belonging and compare themselves with others by following the current trends in the media, for instance dressing in a certain way even though one may be uncomfortable, use of alcohol and hard drugs and engaging in sexual activities, all these may be done for one to seem cool. The issue of identity crisis is indeed a big issue since many teenagers may adopt certain behavioral aspects that may not be in accordance to what is expected of them.

Bullying is also a significant problem when it comes to being a teenager. Although other people in adulthood can also experience bullying, it is in the teenage period that most are affected. Many teenagers have fallen prey to bullies because maybe they dress differently, talk differently or even enjoy engaging in activities that are considered as uncool. The advent of technology has taken bullying to a whole different level where cyber-bullying has become a standard trend, especially among teenagers. With the high value that many people attach to other peoples' opinions about them on social media, many teenagers have become depressed due to bullying on social media.

Due to the biological and emotional changes during puberty, some teenagers find this period very difficult and some become rebellious towards their parents and or relatives. Some feel that they have grown up and that they need some privacy and independence or freedom from their parents. During the teenage years, the society places high expectations on you. At this period, one is pressured to make decisions that will impact their entire life, such as career and education. This makes teenagers feel as though they do not have the freedom to express themselves in different interests and areas of expertise.

Being a teenager is also a pleasant experience because it's when one can indeed discover themselves physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. At this point, one can uncover their talents and abilities and able to engage with them positively. There is also some level of independence of thoughts and decisions when you are a teenager thus one can direct the course of their life. In the teenage years, one is also provided with the opportunity of gaining knowledge, at this stage one can be able to acquire as much knowledge as possible and thus will have a guide on what future decisions to make. Teenage hood serves as a transition period from childhood to adulthood, and it is the best period for teenagers to be able to figure out what their aspirations and ambitions are.

First, it is imperative that teenagers believe in themselves and their capabilities. This will prevent one from pegging their self-worth and value on what others say and think about them. It is crucial that self-empowering programs be conducted among the teenagers to encourage them to be confident and prevent the society from defining them. When using the internet, teenagers should focus on engaging in self-building activities rather than self-destructive ones. For instance, the internet provides a lot of opportunities for the young people to develop themselves through various sites and programs that add value and engage in activities that have a positive impact on the lives of other people in the society. I believe that all teenagers have the right to enjoy their lives as much as possible but responsibly because that is a very crucial and sensitive point in their lives where many actions have significant implications on their lives.

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