What Makes the Johns Hopkins Hospital the Best Place to Work

Published: 2021-07-30
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The Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the best hospitals to work for in all of the United States. It has a diverse healthcare team because it receives patients and staff from all over the world. Its unique talent of nurses and physicians enjoy extensive benefits and opportunities it provides for professional and personal growth, making it one of the best hospitals to develop a career. The working conditions are great, offers excellent compensation for its staff, and outstanding care for patients. The Johns Hopkins Hospital attract staff because of its excellent competition in the global marketplace, workforce diversity, and its astounding ability and position to address the effects of work attitudes brought by diversity.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has excellent driving forces that have shaped its organizational environment. For instance, the diversity of the workforce makes it a good place to work for. This hospital promotes diversity in education, professional training, and development for its staff aimed at fostering the spirit of inclusion and makes sure that the voice of everyone is heard, respected and valued as well as contribute to the community. Folland, Goodman and Stano (2016) agree that decision making at The Johns Hopkins Hospital rests with the medical staff than the administration. This diversity is meant to achieve a continuous improvement for its staff in bridging health disparities and maintaining excellence.

Also, the competition in the global market place makes The Johns Hopkins Hospital an outstanding hospital to work for. It has competed favorably with other hospitals in the United States and all over the world. For instance, it is ranked among the best hospitals in different areas of specialization in the United States. It receives patients from all over the world because of the excellent medical care and services it gives to its patients. For example, international patients are provided with transportation, and accommodation that other hospitals do not offer. It also competes well because of its online request for an appointment because of the Johns Hospkins cutting edge medicine, compassionate, and respect to the patients. Because of this, the hospital improves the staffs ability to cater for international patients making it a perfect employer.

Furthermore, The Johns Hospkins Hospital has embraced technological innovations used in the provision of medical care. For instance, the use of ultramodern innovations and technologies pioneered by the hospitals researchers have enhanced patient care leading to superior safety and precision in diagnosis, improved coordination, smooth flow of work and a comfortable patient experience. Also, the hospital has modern surgical technologies in its operating rooms and leading-edge computer systems used by the medical team in responding to problems. The ethics and morality that the members of the medical team have are extraordinary. For example, the medical staff hears issues from the patients and advises them of the decision or treatment in any given case. The hospital also encourages confidentiality, truthfulness, and honesty as these guarantee the protection of the patients dignity.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has spelt out its policies to be followed by all employees. The presence of these policies makes this organization a conducive place to work because it strives to ensure a healthy place to work and secure for all the staff. The hospital requires its staff to operate in compliance with the policies because there are essential outcomes to both the organization and the employees when these policies are followed. One influence that such policies have on an employee is the cultivation of responsibility in the place of work. For instance, policies intended for the prevention of accidents and injuries increase safety awareness and makes an employee responsible. This knowledge helps the employee in avoiding any accident and does his work with the policies of the employer in mind. The outcome of this is that it reduces the liability of the institution and provides a secure environment for all the members of the hospital. Furthermore, responsibility among the employees also averts medical negligence hence the reputation of the hospital is maintained making it a place worth working for. Kuiper (2009) notes that policies are vital to an organization because they contribute to the efficiency and the effectiveness of an organization thus making it competitive among job seekers. The impact of this in an employee is the development of the desired behavior that suits the laid down policies.

Promotion of women is one practice related to work attitude which is affected by diversity in organizations in the United States. Women make nearly half of the labor force in the United States (Coates, 2012). The inclusion of women is integral to The Johns Hopkins Hospital because it has led to excellence and success making it a brilliant place to work. This is because creativity is tapped from a variety of employees hence improving the skills, company policies, and customer experiences (Patrick & Kumar, 2012). The best way to address the promotion of women is to come up with policies against discrimination in the place of work based on race, sexual orientation, nationality, and gender identity.

Another issue related to work attitude is flexible work arrangements. Some employees may not be available during some special times because of their religious inclination yet the hospital may require their services all the time hence such requests may be denied. A good way of tackling this is by fixing the starting and the end times for schedules, compressing work, and reducing schedule time. The Johns Hopkins Hospital has invested in schedules that do not present any undue inconvenience to the hospital, the employees department or the clients.

In conclusion, The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a perfect place to work because of its excellent competition in the global marketplace and the diversity of the workforce as well as the clear policies that have been laid down by the hospital that influences the individual positively and the outcomes it has on the institution. Also, there is the inclusion of people irrespective of the race, gender, or religious inclination. This makes this hospital a choice for most people who are starting their careers either as a medical staff or in any field within the hospital.


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