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Published: 2021-08-11
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According to MacCullough ( 2016) Worldview is the way a person perceives the world and philosophies that one holds; is a world theory that implies a framework of ideas and attitudes about the world. It is more of a basic way of interpreting situations and events that dictates culture in depth, such that it becomes a cultures concept of reality. For instance, it portrays what is good, what is sacred, and what is important. Worldview extends to perceptions of time and space. The expectations of life rely solely on the worldview. In other words, worldview refers to a common concept of reality perceived by a particular group of individuals, culture or an ethnic group.

Why is worldview integration so important for a Christian teacher to implement

The most important duty of a teacher is to ensure you reach students and make a difference in their lives. As a qualified Christian teacher, it is prudent that the students are shown other worldviews other than the stipulated Biblical worldview. As the students get older, their interests arise and therefore their quench for more knowledge. If but only a single viewpoint is taught, the students may have tainted views after that. With time as they investigate and get to experience new worldviews, they will not be relevant to the truth. According to MacCullough( 2016), many concepts of spirituality are foreign to Christian thinking and thoughts. In essence, as a Christian teacher, without proper integration of other worldviews and biblical worldviews into the classroom set up, it is evident that the learners will not have the view of both sides. As a Christian teacher, without integrating, then the knowledge will appear shallow to the learners. The students will be confused when they encounter other real-life worldviews.

What does it mean to integrate?

According to MacCullough ( 2016) to integrate is to incorporate into a larger unit; bringing together into a larger whole. In line with this definition, a solemn responsibility lies upon a Christian teacher. The teacher is to source for different relevant materials and bring them together in ensuring that the students are given full information that they needed. Teachers are to sort through everydays life questions, situations, and aid in making sense of the information being passed to the students. Teachers have the opportunity and responsibility bestowed upon them, of inculcating faith, morals, and values into the life of learners. It is this information that will help the learners in deciding their destiny. Depending on how the information was delivered unto the learners and how true and trustworthy the information was, the learners will easily not be swayed away by the worldly views, as a teacher; biblical integration is connecting all subject matter with worldview provided through Gods word ( MacCullough, 2016).

How can a teacher begin to develop worldview integrative activities into the curriculum regardless of whether they teach in a Christian, private, or public school setting?

It is important for every Christian teacher to have a clear understanding of worldview. According to MacCulloug ( 2016), the aim of worldview integration in a Christian school setting is to enhance internalization of biblical worldviews that will last for a long duration in life. It should be a value that the teacher live and able to practice. A curriculum used in a classroom must be one that the teacher is dedicated to. It does not matter which school to be in question once the teacher is comfortable with the curriculum. The teacher will then be able to pass the information to the learners without any concern.

In conclusion, worldview integration has a role in every classroom. It is prudent that as a Christian teacher know how to apply it in class lesson plans. It is our responsibility to learn Gods word and help inculcate the same culture to the learners.


MacCullough, MD. E. (2016). developing a worldview approach to biblical integration .

Langhorne, PA: Cairn University

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