Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History - Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-05
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According to Ulrich when she wrote that well-behaved women seldom make history she didnt intend to mean that the women should now instead start to misbehave. According to her, she was complaining about the fact that positive impacts have been made in the society by many women who are then overlooked when it comes to history and only a few a remembered for what they did for the society. Examples of such women who have made their history but are forgotten are Marilyn Monroe and also Eleanor Roosevelt. According to Ulrich the women who tend to make history act in a multidimensional manner and they should not be compelled by a formulation that tends to be polarizing to them.

This essay is mainly going to look at three women who were considered to be good but are never remembered for what they did. The first woman is Elizabeth Cady Stanton who was a suffragist during the 19th century. The second is Christine de Pizan who was in a French court during the 15th Century and also wrote the book The City of Ladies. The third woman who will be looked at in this essay is Virgin Woolf who was a great writer in the 20th century. These are women who are considered to have made their history, but they are never remembered for that.

The three women acted in ways and a manner that was so pleasant so as to be able to be in a position of recreating themselves and end up securing a place in history where they would be remembered. During the writing of her book, Christine de Pizan included the women of warriors this was meant to show her generous character, on the other hand, Santon was able to shape her position towards the suffrage of the women after she had encountered with the runaway slave. For Woolf, it was through being able to face the trials that she was bound to face since she was a female writer in the process of creating Shakespeares imaginary sister.

These three women struggled in their works because they lacked enough facilities as well as education during that time to enable them to quickly tackle the historical as well as the scholarly questions that they encountered. The phrase good women seldom make history has been evidenced through the three women who after that the historians did nothing for their works to be remembered. The lives of women hence result to having minimal representation in the books of history. Minimal information has been recorded concerning the good women this is because domesticity or good behavior is never considered to be a topic that has merits inquiry. On the other case when there was an unusual or undesirable behavior that was committed by a woman it was highly recorded for it to be remembered by future generations.

In conclusion, the histories of the women who are considered to be ordinary tend to be assumed this is because most historians have not paid interest to the lives of such women. It is only through exploring our past that we can be in a position to gain a better understanding of our history. Even the ordinary people have an impact on history, and hence they should not be overlooked.

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