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Published: 2021-08-11
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Most individuals require photographs during their special moments. The moments emerge in a different time of life, and the professionals wish to preserve their memories for future remembrance. The occasions occur at the different point in life. The need for photos does not mean that the individuals do not have the cameras, they do possess them. The interest of getting high-quality photos makes them employ the experts in that field. The desire for high-quality photos demands a budget just as an individual makes the budget of other high-quality decorations in the house, for instance, good furniture.

The objectives of Mrs. Liu for her video production company

Generation of a better net profit at the end of 5 year period

Development of the new designs and systems of the production which will create an attraction for more clients to the company.

To develop a better relationship with the clients and to ensure provision of the high-quality photos/ videos

Mrs. Liu success keys

The target marketing for the video products of the baby photos, the wedding albums, and the high school pictures

Developing the relationship with the customer through the personal client services

Having a system of tracking the customer's ongoing needs for the photos and taking of the initiative which will call them for the appointments

The company summary

Mrs. Liu is the investor who is a professional video editor. She has been working in CCTV for the last six years as a full time. In her period of experience, she has got awarded severally. Nevertheless, Mrs. Liu has released publication concerning the news editing and video shooting. Above all, she has got employed as an expert in many companies.

The ownership of the company

Mrs. Liu photo studio becomes a sole proprietorship and is owned by Mrs. Liu. The company will open in the town of Vancouver. The town has many prosperous businesses, several media industry, and the Chinese ppl. The company will occupy 900 square foot studio

The start-up summary

For the complete establishment of the company, the following is required

Current assets

The furniture $6000

The inventory of the albums, frames, and mater $5000

The props $ 2500

The cash at hand is estimated to be $15000

The long inventories required to begin will include the following;

The camera Digital Back $ 35000

2-1 4 camera $6000

The lights $ 25000

The computers $2800

The electric sign $ 3500

The start-up expenses

Rent $490

The insurance $350

The filling Fees $ 50

The utilities and the deposit $600

The paper $ 250

The marketing consultant $25000

The website development $ 2500

The personal cost for the month $3500

The office expense $200

Software $ 1500

Total start-up expenditure $34440

The start assets

Required cash $12000

The other current assets $ 11000

The long-term assets $65000

The total assets $ 88000

Mrs. Liu total requirement $122440

The company location and the facilities

The company will open in the 900 square foot studio in the town of Vancouver in Canada. Space gets leased for three years starting at $900, and the cost of living adjustment will get made annually.

The studio will contain a powerful visible electric sign including 30-foot wide display windows capable of seen to the passing foot and the auto traffic. The clients will enter the public area with samples of the companys photographs and the albums, counter and the couches for waiting. The separate playroom with the props and the other toys will enable children accommodation with the sitting areas for the parents. The utility section of the back door being set up for the accommodation of pets and the props. The children, props and the pets can get brought into the studio for the photographs. The office and the working area will get used for the assembling of the final products.

The company products

Mrs.lius studio will assist the clients to check their best, it will keep the photos of the clients up to date and will be responsible for capturing the special moments in their lives. The studio has a powerful program which will preserve the memories on the ongoing basis. The company sees the individual picture more so the baby photos as the company products for the programs of the ongoing photography. All the pictures of the company will be created using a very high-resolution digital camera. From which the prints are created. The 300 dpi digital programs become available to the clients or the nominal charge since the internet, and the most used printers use the lower resolution of 300 dpi format. The digital photos of high quality and the prints will take the full pricing. The company will retain the high-resolution details, and the customers may make more orders from the company if they wish to do so.

The descriptions of the products

The product offered by the company include

The baby pictures

The company will specialize in the baby photos. It has a unique combination of the props and the passion for the babies.

The high school Yearbook portraits

The senior photos become a long-standing tradition which brings the high school seniors into the photo studios. It is, therefore, one of the companys economies of scale. By creating the photos, the company will get many markets

The family and the pet portraits

The portraits of the family are required for the display. Many families possess the pets, and the company can arrange the family portraits which include them.

The individual portraits

The business websites, the business cards, the annual reports and the bronchus require the individual portraits. The company is ready to offer the products.

The models portfolio and the glamour shots

These are the picture which is suitable for the magazine publications

The wedding albums

The wedding becomes one of the special occasion in peoples lives. The wedding album of the company comprises up to 8 hours of the wedding photography. The prints get displayed in the custom picture album and the digital images on the CD.

The child portrait program

The company arranges the portrait of a child at the age of 4, 5 and six years.

The capturing memories program

The company arranges the annual portrait of the individuals photos of each family member. The picture includes the house, pets and the grounds for those who desire it.


In market faces competition. The video company of Mrs. Liu will equal face the competition from other video production companies in Canada. The strategies laid by the company will enable it to fight with its competitors.


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