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Published: 2021-08-15
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3. From an individual perspective, having a skill or a talent that results in intellectual and physical development is beneficial. I consider myself as an expert when it comes to soccer and racing but mostly racing due to the opportunities that the skill has provided for me. Through the activities, I get to learn more about myself regarding potential and personality. The involved activities require active participation which I perceive contribute to my individual growth. In soccer, I am a central midfielder and among the top players in both my school teams and club. I enjoy being around others and taking part in social events on which soccer has made it possible. The sport also results in intellectual development due to the attentiveness and caution associated with the sport. It is also educative especially on information about various parts of the globe. I got to learn about places such as Zurich, Munich, and Leicester. It is also enjoyable especially when you are around people who love the sport and enjoy taking part in competitions. I believe that individual development not only occurs in the classroom but also in the extra-curricular activities that one engages in. My interpersonal skills can be attributed to the social interactions involved with the sports. My team members and I view ourselves as brothers in the sense that our friendship goes beyond the sports. On racing, I am a professional Go-Kart racing driver and sponsored by Kratingdaeng and Telkomsel. The sport teaches one about commitment and hard work in addition to being an efficient team player. The responsibility to always be successful in a competition or rather being the best has increased my level of competency whereby I engage in regular training and ensure that I am always mentally prepared for any event. I am passionate about the sport, and hopefully, I will be able to inspire young individuals to engage in it. I believe that with or without the sponsorship, I have to employ maximum effort to ensure that I perform well because, in the end, it is all about my individual growth. The sponsorship comes into perspective whereby it acts as a reward for the involved efforts. Both sports have provided me with unforgettable experiences which I believe I would not have been part of if I did not show an interest in them. I view being part of these activities as a blessing in my life in which I have developed physically and intellectually. I consider myself as blessed as the skills have provided me with opportunities to acquire more skills and engage in new experiences.

4. Being an active sportsman implies that one is expected to experience challenges in balancing between sports activities and academic performance. As a professional Go-Kart racing driver, I have engaged in plenty of travel, both locally and internationally. The traveling made it difficult to catch up with school activities due to the frequent absenteeism. My parents were also concerned that sports would interfere with my schooling and hence provided me with immense pressure on having a balance in school work and extracurricular activities. There were times that I would miss my classes for a whole week. Be that as it may, I am that type of an individual who avoids failure in which I try my level best to succeed in everything that I do. With the academic challenge, I had to find a way of reducing the effects associated with the absenteeism. Therefore, I focused more on my school work whenever I was in school and used all the spare time that I could get to engage in research and individual studies. I consider the efforts as productive as they enabled me to develop proper study habits and use my time effectively. It was a win-win situation at both ends as I performed well academically and in sports. The efforts increased my motivation to excel and be the best in both fields. I hope to apply this drive in my future academic opportunities due to the associated benefits. Despite taking 17 subjects during Grade 10 (Year 11) in my previous school and now the full IB Diploma, the challenge of juggling tight race schedules with coursework deadlines have made me more responsible for the choices that I make and enhanced my level of determination, commitment, and motivation to do well in school. From an individual perspective, missing the classes provided me with the opportunity to view my studies from a different perspective; a perspective where the time is limited and pressures from both family and my sponsors to perform well. I believe such an experience sets a good example for individuals who perceive that it is difficult to balance between studies and extra-curricular activities.

6. An issue that interests me is technology especially since it plays a great role in the current modern setting. A lot has happened in various industries in terms of innovations and inventions which have made life a bit easier. From an individual viewpoint, what is important is having a world with enhanced living standards for every individual regardless of the social class. It can be seen that our overall population depends on inventive movements and specialized techniques necessary for enhancing life. We live in a digital age where every aspect including our health and body fitness relies on technology. Computer programming can be viewed as an improvement which has demonstrated the capacity of enhancing people's lives. The world has experienced gigantic changes from the time industrial revolution took root. For example, mechanical improvements, time capability, enhanced desires for luxurious lives and monetary development show how life has ended up being more capable for each person. Similarly, advancements in technology make it possible to have sufficient medical informatics with the ultimate objective that there are changes in the lives of individuals. I feel that it is fundamental to take an interest in a field which is inclined with technological development as it allows me to be engaged with exercises that effect the general public. Globalization has played a critical role when it comes to enlightenment and sharing of knowledge that result in political, social and economic development. However, there are still millions of people suffering from poverty and poor living conditions. I believe that technology provides a platform where most of the issues facing the world population can be solved. My interest in computer programming is not just to develop professionally and as an individual but rather to develop solutions that will be beneficial to the whole society. The current world is immensely connected in the sense that information on events taking place in one part of the world reaches another part in seconds. This means that technology is not solely refining the lives of a specific population group but rather the global population. Therefore, I find it important to be in a field that is progressive.

7. The community is a significant part of our society and tends to be affected by various issues. A community can either be a school community, neighborhood, a social community, a political community and so forth. The activities involved in each community are objective in the sense that they aim at improving the situations that face a specific community. From an individual perspective, it feels good engaging in activities that benefit others. Participation in such activities aligns with our humanity and promote the view that we are responsible for each others well-being. Apart from school and sports activities, I also enjoy taking part in voluntary activities. I abide by the principle of making a difference in an individuals life whenever I get the opportunity. Cyber Shanty is a CAS service project that I have been part of particularly in teaching underprivileged kids on how to use technology. I believe that such an engagement not only educates the children but also enables them to be at par with the technology changes. I am also passionate about Cyber Shanty since it is easier to use and equips the young learners with the basic foundation regarding computer software. On computer hardware, my friends and I created a Beowulf Cluster in which we donated computer processing resources to project such as Rosetta and SETI through BOINC. I also participate in training soccer to underprivileged students; particularly those interested in the sport and would like to play professionally in future. They have inadequate resources and role models to train them and hence, I always use my free time to train them and interact with them. Through the interaction, I learn a lot regarding being a good leader and being able to inspire others to focus on their dreams and goals.

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