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Published: 2021-06-29
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I have had a deep interest in healthcare-related fields since my childhood. Specifically, my interest became clearly evident in grammar school. My enthusiasm is rooted in my desire to improve the health of other people, especially those suffering from various forms of illnesses. I can vividly remember informing my family members of my interest in the profession of pharmacy in my grammar school years. Contrary to my expectation, I did not receive moral support from them. Their hesitation to support my dream profession was primarily attributed to my health status, especially my epileptic condition which I have lived with since 7th grade. Despite their failure to offer the much-needed support, I never gave up or lost my strict focus on academics. After graduating from high school, I joined college but stopped halfway because I did not know what I wanted to do.

Even though I did not complete my college course, my desire to enroll in the healthcare profession never stopped. Because of my undying desire to join the profession, I did not stay at home for long before I got an opportunity to work at a local hospital. While working here, I developed an interest in surgical technology course that the hospital offered. Due to the moral support from my workmates, I applied for this course and was fortunate to be among those admitted to the program. I, however, did not complete the course due to regular epileptic seizures.

After failing to complete the surgical technology course, I was, once again, lucky to be admitted to the nursing degree program at the College of Staten Island. My academic life at the College of Staten Island was never a smooth ride because of epileptic seizures. The illness negatively impacted my studies and lectures through lost concentration, injuries due to falls, tiredness, stress, and increased anxiety. The moment I realized the adverse effects of the condition on my learning, I sought different medications. After the seizures had stopped, it became hard to live without the drugs due to increased anxiety levels. Despite these health problems, I managed to attain straight As in classes I took at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). However, I did not get admitted into nursing programs at both BMCC and Kingsborough Community College because my biology grades were poor. I partly attribute my poor grades in biology to my epileptic condition.

I believe I am the best candidate for your program because of the wealth of experience in various aspects of the medical profession. First, I have worked at central sterile services department (CSSD) where I played a vital role in ensuring that the highest standards of cleanliness is maintained. In addition, I assisted the technicians in ensuring the functionality as well as in keeping the inventory of medical instruments and equipment. While working in the CSSD, I learned how to sterilize instrumentation and equipment so as to curb the spread of infection in patients. Specifically, I learned various principles and practices of sterilization and decontamination process while working at CSSD.

I also pride myself in strong interpersonal skills needed to succeed in my academics and also in the medical profession. First, I am a very meticulous person when it comes to my work. I understand that attention to detail in pharmacy is a critical skill in the quick and accurate dispensation of medication. I also know that accuracy is important. Administering a client with the right medication and the correct dosage is a matter of life and death because some medications can have serious or fatal side effects when combined with other medicines or when taken in large doses. Therefore, being meticulous and staying alert will serve me well in pharmacy.

Another personal attribute crucial for success in pharmacy profession is my adherence to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Personal hygiene is important in maintaining a healthy environment for patients and in deterring the spread of diseases. Apart from personal hygiene, I also know the importance of environmental hygiene in curbing the transmission of infectious diseases.

My age and work experience have also made me a good decision maker. Over the years, I have had to switch courses. My indecisiveness made me shift courses, from nursing to surgical technology. Also, I attribute my inability to make firm decisions regarding my college choices to my young age. However, at 40 years, I have had enough life and work experience to know a bachelors degree course that suits my needs. Moreover, I no longer feel challenged in my current job and need to prepare myself for a more challenging career. Because of this, I have found myself less motivated with my current work. Moreover, my current job offers little room for growth. Because I am a result-oriented person and do not want my lack of progress to negatively affect my productivity, I am seeking a bachelors degree course in pharmacy in your highly-esteemed university. I know I will achieve my academic goals at your University, and your program in pharmacy perfectly matches my professional goals.


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