Total Domination

Published: 2021-06-10
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The article Total Domination by David Rousset is quite an interesting article but completely out of topic as it attempts to organize human plurality and explain that there is only one individualism in humanity. Through the ideological indoctrination, the human race is tested and allowed to prove themselves on such platforms. In these camps, the human personality is exterminated and degraded to a level even below that of animals. The experiments that were conducted in the concentration camps are not possible under normal conditions as that which is being targeted for elimination, spontaneity, is a factor that does not exist independently but in turn, depends on the freedom of human race as well as life itself. The main aim of the totalitarian is to stretch the human personality to extreme conditions that even an animal cannot exist through the establishment of exterminating and concentration camps.

The total Domination becomes difficult to understand since the reports from the survivors' beat the logic of human being. This case worsens as the stories embrace more originality than reality. From the reports, the concentration camps are described as the central institutions of the totalitarian organizational power. The concentration and extermination camps are so inhuman that the people living in them undergo a lot of cruel acts that the inmates wish they were not alive. They are cut off from the normal world under very harsh conditions. The camps have led to the deaths of several prisoners as a result of overcrowding, starvation, torture among other factors. The experiences that one go through in the camps are very hard to report since the field exists outside death and life. Any survivor who returns to normal life finds it very hard to report the happenings in those camps as they do not believe their return to normal life. The concentration camps was an atmosphere marred with a lot of unreality and madness which was not worth the investment. There establishments were mainly to economically support the wellbeing of other parties hence the camps were incredible and economically useless.

In the article, the philosophy of total domination is an inhumane way of life that does not take the existence of human species into existence. The problem of totalitarian in the concentration camps are addressed adequately and clear explanation given why the stories of the events that took place in the camp are hard to be explained to the ordinary world. The writer explains the logic by using examples and comparisons of how things happened in the concentration camps in different countries. He claims that the concentration camps were economically irrelevant as they were expensive and incredible. This is done through comparison by talking about the concentration camps in Russia where forced labor was the primary factor driving the conditions within the camp. However, it is believed that forced labor was the typical working conditions in Russia to several workers who lacked freedom.

Some of the fallacies I spotted are the fact that the author claims that the survivors were affected beyond the level of narrating their stories to the rest of the world. I find this completely unbelievable as the primary drive for the survivors would be to stop the madness happening in the camps. As such, they would be very determined to tell their story to the rest of the world and make them see the cruelty in the camps. I agree with the thesis statement and insist that such stories should be developed so as to show the normal world what some of the unfortunate humans have undergone through. The only factor that needed clarification was the fact that the survivors were unable to tell their story to the rest of the world. If the issue could be cleared and further explanation given, then I wouldnt be skeptical whatsoever.


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