Three Branches of the Government

Published: 2021-07-01
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Branches of the Government divide the governments constitution into three to help in running it. The three branches have different roles and different functions, which are important in the working of the government. Moreover, in creating these branches, the USA government was ensuring that individual freedoms are protected, and the government is not allowed to misuse power. In this discussion, we will identify the three branches of the government, the responsibility of the branch, individuals that make the branch, and the type of power granted and that denied in each branch (US House of Representatives, 2017). Also, we will discuss, the operations of each branch in the present government, pay to the people working in these branches and their responsibilities, and the impact of each branch in the wellbeing of each the government. The three branches include the executive, the legislature, and the judicial.

The Legislature

The Legislature is one of the branches of the government, which helps in the making of the laws by the Congress. Also, this branch can put legislation in place, confirm and reject the appointments of the president, and can declare war . Moreover, the legislature consists of the Congress, which contains the Senate and the House of Representatives. Every state has two senators out of the one hundred available. Dependent on the number of population in a state, the total number of senators is increased in the process called apportionment. Also, the type of power granted to the members of the legislature is used in making power (Kelleher & Wolak, 2007). The laws they make are only those written and voted for by the Congress. The legislature cannot be able to evaluate the laws and carry them out.

The Legislature in the present government is a step in ensuring justice is remembered. The Senate serves a total of six years as a term with no limit on the number of times an individual can serve, and the House of Representative serves for two years as a term. In a place of the government, the legislature looks at reason and truth in creating the law to ensure all sessions in the court are fair and just. Additionally, just like any other people serving the government, the members of the legislature receive their pay dependent on their level to determine the salary. All the members and employees of this branch have one main responsibility, to ensure that laws are made and only those, which were voted for by the members (US House of Representatives, 2017). The legislature provides a positive effect on the government since, through this branch, the possibility of people being responsible and following the laws is put in place. Also, the members can put laws, which will protect the people into place, provide justice to the people, and offer comfortability in most perspectives of life.

The Executive

The executive is the second branch of the government, which carries out and enforces the law. This branch consists of the President as the head, the vice president, the Cabinet, executive departments, independent agencies, and other commissions, boards, and committees. In determining the head of the Executive, the President is voted for by the USA citizens through the free election in ballots. After elections, the President is allowed to choose his or her Vice President and cabinet members (US House of Representatives, 2017). Additionally, the president cannot be allowed to carry out laws by himself but only in the presence of his or her Vice President and cabinet members. In the unison of the President, Vice-president, and cabinet members, the executive can facilitate responsibilities like collecting taxes, ensuring security in the homeland and representing the United States as a country during political and economic matters and interests.

About the present government, the executive ensures that the officiating of the laws is an easy thing and helps to allow the use of the laws provided by the people . The executive provides a platform to hearing the cries of the people concerning the law since it put them in place and assures a free and fair country. The members of the cabinet, the Vice President, together with the president receive their pay mostly from their services to the government and the country. Their salary is part of the countrys budget in them supporting and ensuring that the laws made by the legislature are officiated. Through the executive, the country has been able to use the law in courts and even with the people to ensure the night treatment is offered to the people. The President who is the head of the executive can offer a good example to the Vice President and the cabinet. Through the executive, the citizens are made aware of the laws governing the country.

The Judiciary

The Judiciary, as another branch of the government, helps oversee the system and running of the courts in the United States of America. Moreover, the Judiciary is expected to explain the constitutions meaning and identify the laws passed by the Congress to ensure that the running of the judicial system is enacted (US House of Representatives, 2017). This branch consists of the Supreme courts and the Federal courts; The Supreme Courts being the head. The Supreme Courts focus in the ruling of cases, which are above the Federal level and challenge the constitutions legislations. The President appoints the justices of the Supreme Court, and later on, the Senates confirm them before their official duties are reprimanded. The power owned by the justices is to determine the truth in the courts during a case with the comparison of the law and the possible truth about the suspect in custody. They are allowed to compare but cannot change the laws in any case.

In comparison with the present USA government, the Judiciary helps ensure that there is a good running of the country due the implementation of justice and truth amongst the people . With the help of the Justices, many cases have been closed successfully in the courts of law by using both the law and comparison of the individuals lifestyle towards the crime committed. The Justices are paid for their services by the Supreme as by the government during their pay to the people (Kelleher & Wolak, 2007). Also, the government for their services in implementing the law and punishing lawbreakers pays the Judges. Moreover, the judiciary is of great impact to the government and the country since the Judiciary ensures that the federal courts conduct the hearing of the cases and finding solutions to them and in the case of any difficulty, the Supreme Court is introduced. The Supreme Court helps associate humanity to the law, and the crime enlisted. Through the Judiciary, cases of law breaking have tremendously reduced.


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