Thesis Statement on Marijuana Effects

Published: 2021-08-11
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Thesis statement
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Marijuana is a hemp plant recognized as cannabis sativa and its seeds, leaves, roots, and stems are consumed by marijuana clients for the drive of feeling high. The plant comprises of numerous compound, and the significant hallucinogenic effect is known as tetrahydrocannibinol originate in resin created by the leaves and buds mainly of the female cannabis plant. Marijuana can be used to brew tea mostly when taken for medical use or sold. Various research points out that marijuana is an addictive ingredient and the degree of addiction has augmented for all age sets. Youths are consuming the drug at an early age, and approximately every six teenagers who take marijuana develop a habit to it.

When marijuana drug is smoked, tetrahydrocannibinol and other substances pass from the lungs into the bloodstream and transport them to the body and brain. The person instigates to feel the consequence instantly, and if eaten in foods or beverages the effects start to indicate after half an hour or one hour because the substance must pass through the gastrointestinal system (Nagle, 2008). Also, drinking or intake of marijuana carries fewer tetrahydrocannibinol into the bloodstream than smoking. Uncertain effects of marijuana comprise of confusion, lower blood pressure, lack of bodily coordination, augmented heartbeat much two times for up to three hours, depression, increase bleeding, affect blood sugar or cause anxiety as well. Other effects include; dry mouth, shallow breathing, increased appetite, red eyes and opened pupils as well as sluggish reaction time. After intake, tetrahydrocannibinol stay in the body for weeks or even months and marijuana smoke comprises of fifty to seventy percent more of malignant cells causing cancer than those of tobacco smoke. Likewise, lone cannabis joint could generate as much harm to the lungs as up to five consistent cigarettes smoked one after another and the lengthy time joint smokes frequently undergo bronchitis condition.

Marijuana can change the structure of semen cells by distorting them later result in infertility in males and also it can upset female menstrual cycle. Various studies specify that mental function of persons who smoke marijuana incline to be lessening since tetrahydrocannibinol interrupts nerve cells in the brain affecting memory (Fattore, 2016). The cannabis cause irregular cell division which causes genetic defects and expectant mothers who frequently smoke marijuana may require delivery to premature infants or underweight babies, and other outcomes may include; mental abnormalities, congenital disabilities and rising risk of cancer of bone marrow in children.

Female form tolerance to marijuana more without difficulty than males do later quick tolerant may put the female in danger of developing an addiction. Males ingest more considerable amount and advanced rate of cannabis than females do therefore higher rate of tetrahydrocannibinol in their blood system (Fattore, 2016). This led to the occurrence of anxiety and behavior disorders. As a result, males are vulnerable to taste stimulation and food consumption. On the other hand, female incline to experience additional dizziness when consuming cannabis. However, female use cannabis when feeling nervous and may experience weaker effects due to dissimilarity in body weight spread. Females are exposed to visuospatial memory loss after intake of marijuana.

Female has an exciting response to cannabis because of estrogen levels. Estrogen level plays a part in how accessible our brain is to external cannabinoids (Fattore, 2016). The uppermost level of the body usual endocannabinoid incline to be during ovulation and endocannabinoid act can contribute to a female fertility thus lesser dose of cannabis upsurge sexual enthusiasm in females and when eaten in large quantities is likely to have the opposite effects. On the other hand, in males cannabis reduce sexual enthusiasm and semen production.


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