The Woman Suffrage Movement Convention Held in Seneca Falls

Published: 2021-06-23
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The first women convention of rights was Seneca Falls convention. Fundamentally, took place at Seneca Falls, New York Carrie and was known as the woman suffrage movement (Chapman, 2016). The conference was aimed at expressing civil, rights and religious condition of women. It occurred in 1848, July date 19 to 20. A good number of women and Susan Anthony led in the education of the massive and the use of petitions to influence the Congress to amend a constitution that gives women the right to vote for them to take part in the passing of bills of laws. The event covered the topic on the functions of women in the communities (Kingston, 2016).

Explain whether servant leadership was the most effective leadership perspective in the event

The servant leadership was the most efficient guidance method used in the convention. Women leaders and Anthony used servant leadership in the influence and education of followers (Johnson, 2016). The women leaders put their members first in their agendas. They took the initiative of helping them to grow and succeed in their lives. They had lessons of empowering women. They valued culture and created value of women in the community.

The American women Suffrage Association (AWSA) was the first organization to be created. The progress and spread of the development of other woman suffrage organization worldwide were attributed to their servant leadership form. Anthony leadership features included planning campaigns, speechmaking on forums, adding different experience in politics and organizing women (Northouse, 2016). Finally, she brought together the 32 minor organizations into a single larger and a great association. Her principal aim was focused on the future generation of woman. The servant leadership behavior of the women who led the event attracted many others and

Explain how event outcomes might have been different with another leadership perspective

If Susan B Anthony would be alive, she would still fight for women rights and their roles in the society. She would have appreciated the fact that women have been considered in the leadership even though it has not reached her expected point of view. She would have fought for the equality and eradication of racism (Northouse, 2016). With the introduction of technology, she would have utilized it to spread her Women suffrage organization goals. She would be known for her heroic abilities.

What would Susan B Anthony say if she was alive today?

An outcome from another leadership perspective would have been different from servant leadership (Johnson, 2016). The event suited servant leadership because individual members needed to be empowered and be made leaders of their own. Leadership behavior of another perspective would not have led to the development of a large women suffrage organization worldwide. The fight for the amendment of a bill that protected women rights required the use of servant leadership by women leaders and Susan B Anthony.


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