The Traffic in My School

Published: 2021-07-19
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Traffic has increasingly become a challenge in our school. Students are now experiencing heavy traffic, particularly in the parking places which makes them nervous thus inconveniencing their daily schedule. My principal task is to explore this issue to enable the readers to understand the whole problem in my school.

Identifying a place to park your vehicle can take hours, implying that it has become a significant issue in the American society. Currently, students with a car are forced to wait for over 50 minutes to locate an available space to park their cars, something which delays them from attending the lessons. Many students, such who study at CSUN including the newbies do not have cars: they come by bikes and do not have a place to their bikes as well. If they are lucky, they typically find a place far away from the school thus compelled to walk for almost 20 minutes to the class. Such experiences affect the learners negatively. Students always arrive in their respective classes late, hence missing out on the notes given by teachers, making learners to score bad grades. For example, there is this day my friend, and I had to wait for an hour to find a free parking area. This forced us to buy a ticket for the whole semester, which is not fair at all.

The traffic problem in our school is also affecting the learning process. Apparently, doctors have to arrive on time to enable students to learn from them. However, the doctors also got stuck in the traffic daily as they strive to find an available parking space since they are new professors in the school. The doctors might be having a designated parking area, but the parking space is not enough to cater for all doctors. The doctors late arrival in the classes will limit the time they spend with the students ultimately leading to the misinterpretation of the topic due to limited information on the subject. This indicates that the learning outcomes of the students will directly affect by the problem of traffic in the school.

Thirdly, some people live near CSUN, with the majority of them being non-students. These people work from distant places. Typically, they have troubles getting to their workplaces because of the traffic challenges experienced at CSUN as well as lacking a place to park their vehicles. Individuals are compelled to park their cars or bikes close to their houses in CSUN, which can be a nuisance for the people who are supposed to park in their designated areas within the school. For instance, my friend who dwells near CSUN is always annoyed with this ongoing situation since people are always parking their cars or bikes in his yard.

The government, local businesses, and the public places do not have a practical solution as far as controlling the traffic menace in my school. For instance, companies are building apartment with over five people near CSUN. This has encouraged the influx of more inhabitants thus exhausting the places to park their cars. This is an indication that settlement plans in the region have not been done accordingly.

Finally, my personal experiences made me acknowledge that traffic in my school is indeed a critical issue that needs immediate solutions. I once visited my roommate, and I was forced to wait for over 20 minutes before locating a free spot to park my car. It is apparent that lecturers, students, and individuals staying in the neighborhood of CSUN are negatively affected by jam. There is the need of building extra parking. The administration should also consider setting aside the parking space for students from my school only. Such initiatives will play a significant role in easing traffic in CSUN.

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