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Published: 2021-07-14
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The founder is a movie that discusses the start and developments of the McDonalds burger stores. Although the stores were founded by the McDonald brothers and were doing well, Ray Kroc came with the opinion of franchising the firm and despite the fact that the brothers had tried the idea before and they had failed Ray decides to give it a trial (Keaton, 2017). The movie highlight how Ray Kroc who was a small and struggling sales man joined McDonalds and became one of the founders. The video runs in the 1950s and shows how Ray met the McDonald brothers in their restaurant. Ray noted how efficient and speedy the systems in the restaurant were and saw the potential of forming a franchise (Brookhiser, 2009). In their first meeting, Ray shared his vision of establishing a franchise with the McDonald brothers, and they laid the groundwork. Ray formulated different strategies to carry out the franchise, which was of help in the formation of the franchise. Ray developed the right ingredients for the development of the franchise, for example, he developed the priorities, values, and ethics that was required to create synergy in the systems. The formulation of the strategy to franchise the business to the middle-class investor was good as it helped bring people of the same mind, which also helped to create synergy. Ray success depended on his way of handling problems in the business as in most cases he uses different strategies to solve his problems (Gonzales, & Chua, 2007).

The two brothers started the business with the vision that it is a family idea meaning it was not strict commerce. The McDonald's brothers implement several strategies and values that that ensure they fulfill the objectives as they run the business with the aim of providing high-quality services. The two brothers didn't care about the cost and expenses of what they provide but wanted to ensure that the business is founded on quality and efficiency (Blakesley, 1999). In several instances in the film they are seen implementing this strategy, for example, Ray realizes that the business was incurring high cost in refrigeration of ice cream that was used to make the milkshakes and suggests that the firm use powered milk shake. The brothers refuse with the argument that it would compromise that quality of the milkshakes they offered. Although the brothers had great values for the business, they made several wrong strategies, for example, allowing Ray to expand to other states with their names, products and they allowed Ray to manage the business alone (Gonzales, & Chua, 2007). If they allowed Ray to invest in other states, they had to ensure the management was centralized to monitor the progress of the business. The film portrays the two brothers as they are after providing quality products, unlike Kroc who is after business potential. The strategy of putting an assembly line to improve efficiency and the selection of the products to sell was significant as it helped the company to remain focused on its objectives (Brookhiser, 2009).

The turning point of Ray as a corporate entrepreneur came when he implemented an idea given to him by Harry Sonnenberg. The strategy came when Kroc was struggling to get some finance and Harry advised him to provide real estate to the franchisees. Although the strategy looked weak at face value, it was significant in bring more revenue and leveraging the brothers. Implementation of the strategy the strategy enabled Ray to attract new investors, and they brought additional capital. The strategy also gave Kroc the power to start controlling the business, and to some point, he registered the company as The McDonald Corporation and bought the shares of the brothers (Blakesley, 1999).

There are various business values or standards of behavior in business, and they play a significant role in the implementation of strategies in business. In the film different values affect different parties, for example, Ray joins the organization with good intentions of franchising the business and expands it to other states. He integrates different values to create synergy in the firm; he is focused and committed to results. Ray has innovation skills which enable him to innovate other means of making business when one approach failed. Values enabled Ray stick to his dream of expanding the company to other states. The brothers had values that pulled towards the society and quality of the products their business offered. They wanted perfect products, and this made them use expensive products to make their sale items even if they were facing the risk of making losses. The brothers also had high levels of trust, and they thought Ray was trustworthy, which made them have an unwritten agreement that Ray did not fulfill. Ray was ruthless, which made him put his competitors out of business so that he could excel. Most of the decision that Ray implemented were always towards the expansion of the firm or generation of income. Ray was very tolerant of risk and failure which made him look for another method of implementing the strategies when one failed.


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