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Published: 2021-07-12
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In a corporation, good leadership plays a substantial role in influencing both the creativity as well as innovation of employees (Mumford 2014). Additionally, effective leaders in an organization possess the necessary tools and skills for inspiring and impacting their teams (Dutton & Spreitzer 2014). Consequently, this enables their organizations to operate smoothly as well as competently. Moreover, employees that are governed by good readership also perform better in their respective job positions (Karina Nielsen, et al. 2015). Consequently, this translates into the attainment of job satisfaction among the organizations personnel and also aids in improving the overall performance of the organization. This dissertation is an analysis and a discussion of the findings of research that was focused on investigating the effects of good leadership of the creativity of a corporations personnel.

Demographics and Situational Analysis of the Interview Respondents

During the research study, a total of 100 responses were attained from the interview respondents. The population sample that participated in offering such responses aged between 18 to 54 years. In this case, the number of participants who aged between 18 24 was 10%, 25 34 was 37%, 35 44 was 28% percent, 45 54 was 18%, and those greater than the age of 54 were 7% of the total population. Moreover, the nation where the research was conducted was the United Kingdom, Ireland. In addition, the total number of participants in terms of gender proportion was 56% male and 44% female.

The interview process went well, and I managed to attain responses from 100 employees from the different companies that were chosen as sources of the sample population. The interview participants also cooperated well by keeping their appointments for their interviews. However, I did not get any manager from each of the identified corporations to attend the one-on-one interview with me. This is despite using multiple methods of communication to make a follow-up with them pertaining the research interviews. Some of the ways used to contact them include email, telephone calls, fax, and booking a direct appointment with them at their places of work. Finally, I realized that the managers were non-responsive and unwilling to participate in the interview. From my personal research, I realized that the managers were afraid to be judged by the audience of the research pertaining their leadership styles.

Analysis and Findings

From the research, it was evident that a high proportion of the research participants believed that their current position was a good fit for their personal skill set. This result was represented by a majority of 71% of the total interview participants. Being satisfied in the workplace is important for all personnel in a corporation because it makes them enthusiastic in executing their job functions. In addition, it makes the employees enjoy their work further, and this provides them with a good environment where they can be creative or innovative in structuring new strategies to enhance their productivity. Additionally, 66% of the interview respondents believed that by learning different positions in the organization, they were able to discover better ways of executing various organizational tasks. In this case, such employees supported the need to attain substantial information pertaining different functions and departments in their organization. This is in order to structure their individual skill sets to match their preferred position and roles. This is an important finding because it characterizes the aspect of specialization in an organization, which ultimately results in innovation and invention. Moreover, both innovation and invention are key aspects of creativity in the workplace, and they are efficient in stimulating the general performance of an organization.

Moreover, from the research, it was evident that the corporations where the employees worked encouraged them to offer improvement suggestions. This is an important phenomenon as motivates the employees to be creative in inventing new strategies for maximizing their output in an organization. In addition, this stimulates both the morale and motivation of employees, and it also makes them feel valued as key part of the organizations stakeholders. Such factors are important facets of stimulating the productivity of employees. In addition, from the responses attained from the research participants, it was ascertained that most personnel felt that they had been sufficiently trained to execute their duties at work. This was represented by a majority proportion of 46% of the total number of employees who were respondents to interview questions. Moreover, the statistic illustrated that most of the staff members felt comfortable in executing their tasks in the organization. Developing efficient training of personnel ensures that such persons perpetrate their work perfectly in their workplace and this stimulates their creativity skills while executing their tasks.

Moreover, the majority of the interview respondents felt that their corporations offered them sufficient information, that was essential in executing their duties. This is an important phenomenon that all corporations must execute in order to ensure that the personnel is sufficiently equipped in executing their roles. Additionally, having sufficient information ensures that such staff members can execute their functions perfectly and even invent or innovate new strategies for maximizing their productivity CITATION Joh91 \l 1033 (Jones, et al., 1991). Moreover, 38% of the employees that took part as the respondents of the interview questions stated that they enjoyed coming to work in most days. Enjoyment at work is important for an organizations performance since it stimulates the need to perform among its employees. Also, in an environment where employees are happy with their work, there is a high level of beneficial interaction between themselves. Such interactions aid in formulating strategies that can aid in solving prevailing issues at their place of work. The interactions also aid in sharing ideas to create new strategies for improved performance. In addition, 42% of the employees that took part in the research stated that their supervisor cared for their personal being. This is important because good communication between an employer and his/her employees promotes the development of an environment where any stakeholder in an organization can share his/her idea.

For example, an employee may have a creative strategy that can be employed to reduce the number of unnecessary expenditures incurred by the institution. As such, by sharing these ideas with his/her employer, the organization will ultimately benefit from attaining reduced expenditure rates. Moreover, approximately 53% of the respondents of the research interviews felt that they were comfortable in sharing various ideas they had with their employers. This means that the concerned organizations had an effective communication network between the employer and its working personnel. Such a good communication structure possesses several advantages to an organization. First, it ensures that there is a clear understanding of the organizations goals and strategies. Second, it promotes a positive outlook towards change in an organization. Also, Also, effective communication between the employer and his/her staff members promote team building in the organization, which is a key facet of a creative environment. This is because effective communication is able to reduce the unnecessary competition between different personnel functioning in different teams or departments in an organization. Instead, the personnel is able to work together in developing creative ideas and solutions that promote an organizations productivity.

Furthermore, good communication between the leader and his/her staff promotes the morale of workers in a working environment. Although having a good salary is a major incentive to attaining the morale of workers, it is not their only concern. A heightened morale of workers can aid in attaining a healthy working environment for the staff members. Also, such an environment is appropriate for fostering the creativity of workers in developing innovative solutions to the underlying organizational problems. On the other hand, lack of proper communication in the workplace leads to the development of frustration as well as confusion among the organizations personnel. Lastly, good leadership through effective communication creates an environment where the staff feels appreciated by the management for their contributions to the organization. This is important as it motivates an organizations personnel to be creative in developing phenomena or ideas that could make them feel recognized or rewarded by their employers.

Additionally, from the research, it was ascertained that 48% of the employees who took part in the interviewing process felt that their employer motivated them to make good decisions in the workplace. Also, by encouraging the employees to make appropriate decisions about helps them to be creative in developing possible solutions to prevailing problems in an organization. Also, there are various ways that an employer can encourage his/her staff to make viable decisions at their place of work. First, an employer can offer public recognition to the staff who are active in making good decisions when performing their work in an organization. Secondly, an employer can offer incentives such traveling or medical allowance among others to his/her personnel who make good decisions at their place of work. Consequently, this will encourage such employees always to make appropriate decisions while addressing various issues in the organization. Ultimately, the enactment of proper decisions in an organization is important as it results in the overall success of the institution in the long run.

Moreover, from the research, 46% of the interview respondents felt that their supervisors wanted to create a healthy working relationship with them. Such a relationship is important for an organization as it makes the employees feel appreciated and view themselves as important stakeholders in an organization. Also, a good relationship between the employees and their organizational leader aids in avoiding different forms of conflict that could occur in the course of their job operations. In addition, it makes such employees have a diminished resistance to any changes that could be proposed by their organizational leaders (Runde & Flanagan 2012). Lastly, it provides a positive environment where the employees felt respected and treated right in an organization. Such factors are essential in promoting a creative environment at the workplace where the personnel can invent new ideas and strategies to optimize their performance or productivity at work. Also, from the research, 48% of the interview respondents felt that their supervisors valued personal contributions of the employees on the organizations projects.

Through motivating the staff members to make positive contributions at the organizations meetings, the organization leaders can influence their employees to be creative in proposing viable solutions to ongoing problems. This is because the employees feel challenged to make good suggestions in their working environment. Consequently, such personnel place additional efforts in structuring new ideas of handling different organizational matters. Furthermore, 47% of the employees who participated in the interview process felt that their supervisors were open to new ideas from them. Listening to employees and their suggestions pertaining different matters in an...

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