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Published: 2021-08-15
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Brexit refers to the Britain or the United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union/Eurozone. For quite some time now, the United Kingdom has been opting to quit the European Union and do away with single market partnership anymore, instead incorporate the same laws of the union into the UK domestic laws. Fascinatingly, the decision full of adverse consequences as asserted by the board of consensus and the economist is not only a threat to the United Kingdom but also to the ally countries such as the United States (Morphet, 2017). The US being world superpower with chain companies all over the world mainly Britain will be affected adversely by the Brexit proposal from the position of trade, marketing, foreign affairs, the function of international businesses and the countrys economy at large. Therefore, the indeed Brexit recommendation made by the UK will undoubtedly affect the United States from the position of foreign affairs, trade, international businesses, and economy.

Talking of businesses abroad the United Kingdom how the highest number of American based business and companies, meaning, a massive amount of foreign exchange gets into the Country from the UK. Right from the days of colonization, the two countries have remained allies and partners in all manner of international relations inform of trade, protocols, treaties, and agreements. It is therefore intuitive that the nation will benefit a lot in the end in the event that the United Kingdom pushes through with their proposal since the two countries will unite and strengthen their relationship. Similarly to the Britain itself, the consequences are untold, because what does it mean to folk living away from the other side of the Atlantic? Primarily, everything from national security, economy, and even the race of the president nearly everything the country enjoys. Here are what Brexit or quitting the European Union means to the Americans.

Effects on Special Mutual Relationship

The two countries the United States and the United Kingdom have enjoyed long-term of mutual special relationship due to their cultural and historical backgrounds and ties. Quitting the European Union will pave the way for the two countries o unite and venture into severe economic developments. As we speak the US president and the UK prime minister have sat, negotiated, and pondered about a new trade deal that will benefit the two countries substantially. In addition, as it has been seen in the previous discussions the two countries are reliable partners in almost every sector of the economy owing to their long-lasting ties. Apparently, UK being a vital partner in US military, after the Brexit the two may be willing to team up their forces and fight the conflict ones collectively, to enhance global security as well as national security in the two countries.

Effects on the Economy

Apart from being the best United States trade partner, United Kingdom is also the number five worlds largest economy. Therefore, it implies that in the event that the push for Brexit materializes the aftermaths or the consequences will affect not only the economy of the host Britain but also its best partners economy. For instance, when the British pound dropped to 30 years old, consequently the Wall Street tumbled immensely more than 500 points. Notably, the many US companies that invest in the Britain market as a gateway to the rest of the European markets such as the JPMorgan and Rolls Royce have their investments at stake. Before the Thursday, voting the two companies sent a warning that the process will put their jobs at risk. Another key unfolding event that might be harmful to the US economy is the migration of the banks and companies will migrate to Germany and France to avoid the disruption by the EU. Still, on threats to the American economy, fearful signs of increased employment and all the uncertainty in the United Kingdom will push the country into a resection hence taking the Americans economy with it (Morphet, 2017).

Effects on stability of Europe

The aftershocks of Brexit may spread across the entire European countries. Countries such as Greece have been thinking about quitting the Union for sometimes now apparently with Brexit in place the nation may start thinking aloud. Moreover, on the far right of Britain the France and the Netherlands saw the proceeding in Britain they wanted the same for their countries. The kind of dominoes fall the Brexit will bring to the European Union is nothing less than the fall of the Union.

The idea may not only lead to breaking down of the EU but seemingly enough the breakup of the entire European nation. Countries such as the Scotland who voted remains have now changed their mind and are now confident to call for a referendum. Precisely, what this means is that the United States could soon be dealing with an unstable and volatile Europe. Hence this makes everyone less safe. As a result of this breakout, the factors that made the European countries to form the Union as a form of healing such as Economic anxiety, instability, and uncertainty will soon be back (Bungenberg et al., 2017).

Low economy hence travel to the UK will be cheaper

The significant consequences of Brexit are the pound losing value or going down in the world market. The stronger currencies such as the US dollars will even much stronger hence flight tickets and UK vocations will be a lot cheaper. For a US citizen to see the prominent landmarks in the UK that were dump expensive decades ago such as the Buckingum Palace, Stonehenge, the Tower of London and Big Ben will be much cheaper. The United Kingdom is starting to lack tourist from the EU, and it will begin to hassle for more European to visit thus, the door of immigration will be wide open. In the last few years, EU countries entered the record as the top 10 countries sending tourists to the United Kingdom. This time the United States will be in history to have posted the highest number of tourist into the United Kingdom (Welfens, 2017).

Favor the president trumps quest for immigration controls

Thin the first 100 days in office as the president of the United States, Donald Trump, shot to the top of to the nomination and GOP primary fields on illegal immigration. Nevertheless, his main fear was the many British who pulled the lever for leave. The chances are that with this proposal in place and that, the consequences take the course as anticipated then it is evident that there will be no hindrances anymore. The Brits stood out vigorously to oppose the immigration bid since in real since they form the highest population of immigrants to the United States. The British threats stopped the effort due to the power that they possessed regarding the economy, European support they garnered.

With them out of the equation, then the president of the United States has no obstacle. Therefore, he will have the chance to vote for immigration, trade and foreign policies that favor the people of America and puts them first, which he said on Friday at a golf resort in Scotland. The US president who has of late shown some efforts to go full throttle on his quest for immigration ideas since he even opted for building the Mexican wall will surely find a loose hope to go on with his plans (Bungenberg et al., 2017).

In conclusion, despite the issues and challenges, the United Kingdom may be facing while bounded by the statues of the European Union, leaving the Union is an economic crisis in the making not only for the nation itself but also for the whole world. The United Kingdom being among the big five countries in the worlds economy its separation will lead to the collapse of the union as well as the break up of the entire Europe. For a significant partner United States, the proposal is beneficial and detrimental at the same time. However, the adverse effect only lasts for a short duration but severe and might cause considerable loss. Therefore, the bright affects the United States, social security, trade and economy at large.

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