The Christian Worldview for the Questions of Origin, Identity, Meaning/Purpose, Morality, and Destiny

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According to by Powell (2010), a worldview can also be described as a filter or lens from which one sees and interprets the world and all that it represents. A worldview can also be defined as a person point of view regarding a situation. There are key factors that influence in an individual worldview such as social environment, culture, and education. It is important to keep in mind that a worldview is integral; that is, it covers aspects of all areas of life. Religion, morality, philosophy and politics are part of a worldview. (Word count: 198).

The Question of Origin

God is the creator of the heaven and the earth. He created all that exist in the universe. Moreover, a man is unique in God's creation since he was made the image and likeness of God, which men might dwell in the land and proclaim the greatness of the Lord. In Genesis 1: 1 it is explained how in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and that everything was darkness in the beginning. We praise God because we are a marvelous creation of Him (Ps 139:13-14).

The Question of Identity

God is eternal, and the mankind is a special creation of God (Powell, 2010). Man and woman were created above animal and a little lower than the angels (Ps 8:5). Genesis 1: 26-28 tell us that God created man and woman in His image and gave them dominion over all the earth. This included the animals that God had created as well as everything above the earth. God also commissioned his descendants to take care of the earth (Gen. 1:28). We must take care of the creation that God has given to us (Bebber, 1995).

The Question of Meaning/Purpose

The purpose of a Christian is to serve to God. Also, it is to have a relationship with Him. In Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Salomon says that the purpose of life is to honor God with our thoughts and lives, keeping His commandments, because one day we will appear before Him to give you accounts. The role of human beings, according to John 17:3, is the salvation in Christianity, and we reach salvation is having a personal relationship through His Son, Jesus Christ (Powell, 2010).

The Question of Morality

Morality is doing things according to the will of God. God is the source of molarity, and his moral nature is unchanging and absolute. God gave his laws to his people which are the Ten Commandments. Christians must follow the laws because going against them is an offense to God. Christians preach about good morals to people so that they may cease sinning. An immoral act includes stealing, idol worshipping, and adultery among others Weider, & Gutierrez, 2011).

The Question of Destiny

Christian worldview may be defined as believing in two eternal states for every person. They view that about destiny is Heaven and Hell. To go to heaven or hell, it will be a concern of whether one accepted Christ and his/her Savior and led a holy life or not (John 15:1-6). Moreover, Christians believe that what will happen to them after death is dependent upon individual doings and their personal relationship with (Revelation 21:1-7)


Weider, L., & Gutierrez, B. (2011). Chapter 4: What is a worldview. In Consider (pp. 49- 68). Virginia Beach, Va: Academx.


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