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Published: 2021-08-11
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A system development is required by any company to expand its business better; whether it involves renewing the system or developing a new one altogether. Tall Gardens Marina is a private company founded by Johnny Wright that deals in renting small boats, houseboats, swing moorings and berths. Due to environmental issues and government regulations, the Marina operational system has become more complicated. Chris Wright, the grandson, is currently managing the Marina Operations as the grandfather focusses on the restoration of timber boats. Chris to introduce automatic record keeping that tracks customers, staff, repairs, rentals and slipway operations has come up with a system that ultimately will grow the company in the following 5-10 years. A brief description of the equipment and services offered by Marina include;

20 boats for hire, 30 berths and ten swing moorings and Sailboats are within the companys prospects and,

Renting small ships, respectively.

The proposed system by Chris will be better able to deal with environmental issues by monitoring the environment around Garden Marina. Moreover, the system seeks to make efficient the operations of Marina. The implementation of the system and its integration into the company will approximately take five months of input by the management into initiating relevant software, training the staff and continuous control of the hardware and the system. The implementation and integration of the system will take place in the following phases over the five-month period mentioned before;

Time Period Phase of Implementation

1st month Upgrading computer hardware, system software and networks and testing types

2nd & 3rd month Training the staff on the new system

4th month Data Migration

5th month Deployment plan (Direct deployment)

The adoption of this system will cost the Marina both financially and technically. Regardless, the system will enhance the companys operations and make it worthwhile eventually.

The upgrading of the computer infrastructure to embrace the new system is done due to software version upgrades and declining system performance. Before any method is adopted, it has to be tested for its efficiency and reliability hence the testing phase. The training of the staff is done both for end users and system operators. The practice is through group tutorials for the end users and self- study for the system operators. In this case, user documentation training will help the end users and system operators in interacting with and using the system. Data migration will take about a month for this system since manual data will need to be converted and incorporated into the system and generally, it is also costly. Deployment of the system will be done directly to make the system quickly operational and turn off any overlapping systems. The advantage of direct implementation is in its simplicity.

The consequences of the system to the environment if any, will be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is highly recommended that the system undergo checks and careful maintenance to ensure its longevity in serving the interests of Tall Garden Marina and its customers at large.


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