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Published: 2021-08-11
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It has always been my pleasure to take my favorite food and drinks in your food joint. The dishes are still well served and delicious, and it always makes your customers yearn for more. Your services are always exemplary and attractive, hence I have become your faithful and obedient customer. Yesterday while doing my research via the internet I came across a fascinating topic on a business journal about different new varieties of drinks and food beverages used around the world. Most chefs and hotel owners have embraced the idea of using the spices and they are confessing that the idea is earning them a lot of profit and their client base has increased rapidly.

With the emerging trends and rapid development in the hospitality industry and food and beverage market, many flavors have been modified to attract customers and to increase business profitability and the client base. After reading and analyzing the journal about food and beverages flavors, I found it necessary to share with you the idea since I am your customer and secondly, you are the proprietor of the largest hotel in town with large client base. It would be pleasing for you to incorporate these flavors of food and drinks especially tea and coffee to make them more delicious and this will enable you to retain your customers.

The improvement of beverages flavors around the world has led to the increase in the number of beverage consumers due to the development of different cuisines around the world. Flavors such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger are very essential in enhancing flavors in food and beverages, and it makes the meal more delicious and it gives the customers a new experience, hence, adding these flavors to your meals will be very vital, and it will give your clients new experience when taking their meals. The flavors not only make the dishes delicious but they are also healthy with some medicinal components, and their usage is growing rapidly around the world. Spices like cardamom and cinnamon can be used to add flavor in tea and also in meals.

Food outlets and hotels are mushrooming around the town, and as result they may pose stiff completion to your business, hence have found it relevant to share the information to you so that you can retain your client base and attract more customers with a unique and delicious taste in your food and beverages, and you will be more outstanding compared to your competitors. Also, these flavors will make your customers to always come back for more dishes due to the nutritional and medicinal values of the new spices. The spices are readily available in the market, and even most supermarkets are selling them at an affordable prices.

For more information concerning food and beverages flavors, kindly reach out to me via 876-98765, and we will discuss more concerning the idea. I will be glad to hear your feedback concerning the idea, and I am looking forward to the implementation of the idea to enhance your food joint business and increase your custom base and in turn increase the profitability of the business.

Yours sincerely,

Melanie Stephaney.

Concerned Customer.

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