Statement of Purpose for the Admission to the MBA

Published: 2021-07-30
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Admission essay
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Learning is a continuous process that begins with having the right mindset in the preparedness for the journey ahead. The enrolment into a business school as an undergraduate does not suffice to become an effective business manager. There is, also, the input of personal zeal in the discovery of what is contained in business administration. When I finished my undergraduate studies in Business, I immediately developed an urge for higher education to complement the much I gained from the university. I have maintained a positive attitude in my studies in the undergraduate level, and this mindset has enabled me to cover progressive strides in my career path. I have also augmented my academic knowledge with life skills that are necessary to becoming a leader in the corporate world. I am confident that the online MBA course will work out for me due to my prior experience in internet-based working. Further, I have good interpersonal skills that would enable me interact productively with other learners on the online platform.

I have worked on the internet before both for academic and non-academic purposes. I embrace technology as the new frontier in communication and learning. Since my days in high school, I have always appreciated the place of technology in todays world. I have seen friends and relatives undertake online courses that are credible and recognized by the employers. In my university years, I used the internet as a freelancer and academic writer. I also gained substantial knowledge in navigating the Internet which will help me in undertaking the specializations offered on an online platform. I have a good background in Information Technology that would help me contribute positively to the iMBA learners. I can develop and sustain web pages, make and upload podcasts and prepare PowerPoint slides for my course mates to use as reference material.

Besides the academic credentials that prove my educational background, I have various skills and capabilities that make me a holistically knowledgeable individual in the contemporary world. I have been in volunteering services for the Red Cross in places of naturals and political crisis. In the volunteering work, I learned how to respond to disasters and to work with minimal resources. I also developed compassion that I consider a virtue in dealing with fellow human beings. I am also an excellent event organizer. I have, in the past, participated in planning and executing events in various social platforms. This experience has taught me the organizational skills that are necessary in planning complex and simple occasions. I have also learnt how to work with other people, brainstorming, budgeting and monitoring of progress. In addition to organizational skills, I have entrenched myself in the local and global society as a useful component for the good of humanity. I contribute my opinions in the finding amicable solutions to the current socioeconomic problems. I also keep myself updated with the current affairs to widen my scope on social, economic, and political matters.

The online MBA will augment my skills in business administration. I understand that business administration is a wide field, and so I intend to venture into Finance and Banking. I already have substantial experience in banking and financial systems, but have been unable to rise up the corporate ladder due to academic constraints. I worked in several banks as a teller and junior financial manager. I was inspired by my seniors in the banking premises who I consider as my role models in this field. With a masters degree in business administration, I would be able to compliment my leadership and organizational skills with academic knowledge. In effect, I would stand a better chance of becoming a regional manager of one of the banks I have worked in before.

In conclusion, there is evidence to show that higher education translates to better job opportunities and more income at the end. This premise is one of my motivating factors in enrolling for a masters degree in business administration. I have several complementary capabilities that would promote learning for other students taking the online MBA course. In particular, my IT background will aid in the creation and sharing of digital material necessary for learning. Other accomplishments that are central to my success in this course include organizational skills, time management, working with people of diverse backgrounds, and leveraging limited resources. A degree in MBA will place me in a vantage position to head banking services at a higher managerial level. I am looking forward towards a positive consideration in this plea.



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