Statement of Purpose for Graduate Admissions

Published: 2021-07-20
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Sewanee University of the South
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Personal statement
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I am honored to present my application to the Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication at the University of Roosevelt. This is based on my belief that my skills will blossom at the program since this is the place where I am convinced I will develop the spirit of braving the courage and hone my skills.

My interest in the course dates back to my childhood. Growing up in places of influential personalities exposed me to an environment where my values and personality are influenced. I was taught to be self-motivated, and self-disciplined. The resilience of those around me and their support helped me in preserving myself, even if confronted with apparently insurmountable issues or obstacles.

As an astute student, my passion and drive for Public Relations were the beginning of journey starting from my pursuit of undergraduate studies at Jain University. My parents, especially my father, played a very critical role in the decision to pursue this course. The marketing and Human resources, as well as Finance courses, helped me a great deal in laying the foundation for the course. Though I had a different interest, these courses played a key role in shaping what my resolve would be. Above all, I was driven by the fact that hard work is the key to success and that it pays!

I am presenting my application from overseas, as an international student from India. My subject areas revolve around communications and marketing, with topics such as marketing, advertising, public relations, media planning, and crisis communication. I have been in my home country until October 2016 when I decided to move to Chicago. Between June 2012 and March 2013, I decided to take some time off to discover myself and plan for my future as some things did not work as I had anticipated.

I have worked for one and half years in India under three different companies. I served as a Public Relations consultant at Aim High Consulting and became a Marketplace Manager at Stayzilla. Lastly, I worked as an Account Executive in Zeno Communications. These are some of the competitive companies in India have thus instilled in me the professional prowess for discharging my duties. I quit my job in October of 2016 and shifted to Chicago in 2017. I hope that I am considered for spring/ winter to the four university programs.

I believe I am well equipped and prepared for the graduate work. While pursuing my undergraduate study, I gained the necessary background knowledge through taking advanced courses in such areas as marketing, advertising, public relations, media planning, and crisis communication. Along with the courses, I also went through a meticulous internship program that helped me acquire the requisite industrial skills. From the internship and the workplace, I gained practical experience and expertise that being convicted will contribute to my academic prowess at the university and the professional success.

I anticipate the graduate work at the University to be demanding, challenging and eventually rewarding. I look forward to having the experience from the intellectual and social perspective, hoping to learn and develop as an individual and professional public relations officer. It is my undying hope that I will be considered for the position at the University.

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