Spring Break on the Mediterranean

Published: 2021-06-25
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The best time of the year to travel to Egypt is between the months of October to May. During this period, the temperatures are conducive for visitors who are not used to heat. During these months many events and festivals take place in Egypt. For instance, Abu Simbel Festival celebrated on 21st February when King Ramses II took the throne. Ramadan is another festival which begins in May to June. It is their holy month. The time of the year one should not travel to Egypt is from May to August because the sun is usually scorching.

According to Egypt travel health information, travelers will require vaccinations for malaria, yellow fever, polio, typhoid and hepatitis A. Addational boosters and immunizations may be provided to visitors depending on their medical history.

According to the Egypt ministry of foreign affair, any visitor entering the country has to have a visa. If you are a tourist heading to Egypt, you can acquire a visa at the airport which valid for one month. Both United States and Egypt require visas from each national residence. This is done for security purposes to avoid terrorist and illegal immigrants entering the country.

The ancient land of Egypt was founded by King Narmer in around 3150 BC. Its name comes from a Greek word Aegyptos. The history of Egypt is rich and long, the flow of the Nile River has fertile banks and delta that make the country fertile. The ancient history of Egypt was an unknown until the mysteries of early Egyptian hieroglyphs were decoded with the aid of the Rosetta stone (Meskell, 2000).

The only remaining early wonder of Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Another wonder of the Seven Wonders of the World which is the Lighthouse of Alexandria no longer exist. Alexandrias Library was special for spans. Human settled in Egypt around 40,000 BC with Aterian tool manufacturing. There was political unity in Egypt under the first Pharaoh. (Montserrat, 2014). The story of Sinuhe tells us about Egyptian identity and culture and the way they viewed foreigners. The Egyptians were proud of their culture and also gripped with death ritual. There was socio stratification of Mesopotamian society, including both the distinction among social classes and the roles of women and men. The classes accepted and imposed by the Code of Hammurabi. The three stratifications include classes: slaves and commoners and slaves and priests, commoners and slaves. In religion, Heka was the god of magic who is the creator of everything on earth (Meskell, 2000).

One week itinerary

Date Time Place Details

1st Day Departure from US airport to Egypt

2nd Day Arrive at Cairo in Egypt and meet an assistant who will take you to Memphis by a taxi

Transfer to a hotel in Memphis

3rd Day 9:00 am- 13:00 pm Peabody Hotel Ducks An iconic spots in Memphis where ducks live in the top of Peabody Hotel

13:00 pm-17 pm Rendezvous BBQ Here you will have the best-grilled portabella sandwich

4th Day 10:00pm Sun studio tour Learn the history of Memphis legends because they recorded their music in this studio

5th Day 11:00 am National civic rights museum It is a historic site because it has been built around the former Lorraine Motel, the place where Rev Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated.

6th Day 8:00 am-12:00 pm Cairo Egypt Explore in Cairo historic site including Egyptian Muslim of Antiquities

Explore Mummy room

14:00 pm-18:00 pm Cairo Egypt (relics of ages at ancient Memphis) Explore Sakkara and the great pyramids of Giza

20:00 pm Cairo Have dinner and sleep in a hotel in Cairo

7th Day Free inspection

Leave the hotel

Take a taxi to the airport

Board a flight to the US

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