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Published: 2021-06-23
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Wild Kratts Live is a stage show built on the popular animated television series Wild Kratts. The Kratt brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, star in the show stepping out on live stage to engage the audience in a wildly entertaining Wild Kratts classic story. The Emmy-nominated television series has become quite popular with kids all across America, as well as their families, quickly becoming a household name. The primary goal of the Wild Kratts show is to educate the young target audience about zoology, ecology, and biology and educate kids on small ways to make big impacts.

The theatrical show Wild Kratt Live showcases the adventures of Martin and Chris Kratt together with their colleagues Aviva, Jimmy and Koki traveling to different animal habitats around the globe. Along the way, they come across a ton of wild animals. Each and every adventure of the duo explores a science concept primary to the particular animals life or involves performing creature rescues, in which they save the animals, making science education fun. Moreover, it reveals a rarely experienced wildlife moment wrapped up in an engaging story of mystery, dilemma, adventure together with humor and comedy that the kids love.

The Kratt brothers begin each live episode with an action segment imagining what it would feel like to experience a seldom wildlife moment, asking the question, What if? The show then transitions into animation transporting the children into the secret lives of the unusual creatures including Draco lizards, rare birds, and even Proboscis Monkeys to name a few. With the help of a brilliant tech team led by inventor and scientist, Aviva Corcovado, Wild Kratts live brings the animals to life giving the kids a rare experience with these extraordinary creatures. The duo, adorned in their famous creature power suits, demonstrates their individual animal abilities once their creature power discs have been activated. They then talk about the particular animal highlighting its special powers.

Throughout the show, the Wild Kratts live show implements the use of a huge screen behind Chris and Martin Kratt where other Wild Kratts characters not present on stage are shown hence seamlessly putting the whole show together brilliantly. Some of the shows aim to change the common perceptions about the subject creature. Consequently, the audience learns about the animals as the Kratt brothers figure out ways to get out of the situations they are caught in and save the animals.

To emphasize that science will always prevail and the importance of teamwork, the show features villains. The Kratt brothers describe the evil characters as those that get the animals in jeopardy and the protagonists characters as those that attempt to save them. In some shows, to fool the villains, one brother usually acts as a distraction while the other rescues the animals. Other shows have the duo outsmarting the villains in some way. Nevertheless, the villains are not present in all of the episodes.

Will Kratts Live show has been showcased across several cities with tour dates scheduled for New York, Toronto, Detroit, and Cincinnati among other cities in the upcoming months. The show is geared towards the younger generation but is quite entertaining to the whole family. Reviews on past shows indicate an overall positive appraisal from parents with kids who share a love for animals.

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