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The Wild Kratts show is about the adventure of two brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, who are presented in an animated version and in real form dressed in a costume; the hosts of this educational show is "Zoboomafoo," and Kratts' Creatures." During their story of adventure and mystery, the animated Kratts meet wild animals. The major plot of every episode is mainly to rescue the animals from a situation that is a villain, the influence of human, or baby animal puzzlement. The Majority of the episodes concentrate on the villains, though those that do not always focus on some real-life problem, either directly (as observed in "Stuck on Sharks" whereby Gourmand seized a shark to use in preparing shark fin soup) or indirectly by allegory (where "Build It Beaver" wanted a beaver's dam shattered repetitively through numerous means; a fable for deforestation). Furthermore, some of the episodes are meant to alter the manner at which the creature is seen; the creatures are known to be frightening, like crocodiles and bats.

With all this, the viewers are able to learn and understand many things about animals together with their lives as the Kratt brothers and the Wild Kratts gang (involving the Kratts themselves, Koki, Aviva, and Jimmy) comprehend ways to either right wrongs or save themselves from the situations that they got themselves into. It is discovered that the villains have no ideas regarding the animals and their way of life, therefore, making them be unsuccessful. Some of the adventures that they take part are more risky and they brought them few matters to the death. In the episodes of the adventure, it can involve just the nature of the mission, or it may be the basis of the villain. However, in only isolated case ("Platypus Cafe") did the villain (Gaston Gourmand) essentially meant to cause damage to one of the brothers. In some of the episodes, the villain had not put it into the deep consideration (Zach in "Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus"), or they were not aware of the medical dangers involved. They sometimes enrolled the assistance of the children, referred as Wild Kratts Kids, they offered their assistance to the Wild Kratts from their home-based areas however possible.


Chris, Chris Kratt, is dressed in green attire, he is precisely different to his brother, also the methodologic brother of the two. Contrary to Martin, Chris spends most of his time taking DNA test of the animals to have a deep understanding of the animals so as to develop an easy way to save them from the villains. Besides being an experienced climber, Chris is intellectual, organized and calm.

Martin, Martin Kratt, is dressed in wearing in blue is obsessed with naming the animals that he finds, hence bonding the audience with the animals. He also the jokester and a sense of humor, compared to the other brother. Also, he is always impulsive and rushing more as compared to his brother, Chris. However, Martin is emotional, disorganized, and also excited though he knows times that needs some seriousness. As compared to his brother Chris climbing techniques, Martin is a skilled swimmer. Also, at various times, he likes getting into the animals mind uttering words like "Be the walrus!" He has childish character and heart, because of the fun he has as well as humorous nature; and also, tricking his brother.

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