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Published: 2021-06-29 15:05:22
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At times when one wants to deceive someone, one must employee the tools of communication such as verbal and non-verbal behavior so as to be able to deceive the other. This can be seen clearly from the behavior of Penny and Amy towards Sheldon and Leonard in the episode called What Did You Say? of the CBS series Big Bang Theory.

Penny to begin with, in the scene, she non-verbally nods her head in agreement to Amy say her apartment is still being fixed. Furthermore, Penny uses a facial expression of a smirk on her face when responding to Sheldon that she saw Amys apartment and it was still a mess. These two non-verbal behavior of using a gesture of nodding her head as well as the facial expression all aid in deceiving Sheldon that Amys apartment is still not ready.

Amy on the other hand also utilizes a gesture of shrugging her shoulders as a form of non-verbal behavior to try to deceive Sheldon and when he questioned her about her apartment but replied that its still being worked on.

Verbal if you pay attention one can see that when Penny responded when to say she had seen Amys apartment and it was still a mess she had an elevated speaking pitch which is common when deceiving someone as compared to when one is telling the truth.

In terms of verbal behavior Amy at the beginning with a common speech error that deceivers like to use as they figure out what to reply. Amy uses the verbal speech error of using uh and oh, which are very common speech errors especially when one is trying to deceive another.

Also, both Penny and Amy verbally engage in a mystic conversation in a language they called Ubbi Dubbi that Sheldon and Leonard cannot understand after they also started to speak Klingon. Penny and Amy do this so as to try to hide what they are discussing so as to see how to deceive Sheldon and Leonard further but are unable to uphold the lie.


At times one has to lie or deceive others even at their place of work. However, some professions are very notorious in this. Firstly lawyers to me are the worst of the worst. This is because they defend their clients to the utmost extent even if they are sure that they are guilty. Even, Prosecutors at times are sure a client is innocent but will still pursue the case to the maximum extent. Hence, why I believe that as a profession lawyers lie the most.

Secondly, Salespeople as a profession are just as bad as lawyers. This is because they often exaggerate concerning what they are offering as well as leave out the negative drawbacks so as to convince or deceive the client into purchasing it.

To me, one of the most honest professions is any in the line of medicine particularly doctors. Doctors due to the ethical code that governs them have, to be honest to their patient. Even despite the ethical codes that govern them generally, doctors have, to be honest with patients as they are dealing with one's life, hence why I believe that in terms of lying and deceiving, this profession is one that tends do not do so as often as the rest.


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