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Published: 2021-08-11
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Marriage needs thinking beyond the individual's needs. Marriage transforms the individuals into a union which gets based on the shared aspirations. It, therefore, establishes the formal investment in well being of the society. Same-sex marriage should become legalized because no individual will tell you what to do. Everyone makes his/her decisions. All of us have rights, and the people should prefer minding their own business. If you get stopped from marrying someone whom you love most, how will you feel it? So when individuals of the same sex have fallen in love, they should be allowed to marry one another. What is known about gay marriage is that no individual will separate them once they have fallen in love. Scott Rennie, the minister of the Queen's Church, suggests that marriages regardless of the gender can make a happy and a good life. She said that the Christ love for his people gets reflected in the loving relationship. She looks forward to that day when she would conduct marriages for all the couples in the Gods name. (Corvino, John, and Maggie Gallagher,2).

The same-sex individuals become similarly situated to the different sex individual mainly in their family decisions, the economic status, their valuing of marriage and their interdependence. It of no surprise then when the same sex individuals take advantage of their right to marry each other when they have that opportunity. The studies show that gay couples usually want to show the expression of their commitment to one another and even to their families and the friends. They would like to marry for the creation of the firm personal and the legal foundation in their lives and the security for their children both the current and the future kids. M.V Lee Badgett said in his research that the gay individuals need the access to the civil marriage as the heterosexual individuals require it. He proposed the equal treatment in the marriage. He went ahead and said that the gay marriage requires the cultural status of the marriage because it is what their family and their friends have the understanding and look for it. The law may create the family relationship among the adults which will get recognized by the country and the third parties, for example, the insurance companies and the employers. Allowing same-sex marriage becomes a better public policy. The gay individuals together with their families will prosper, and the marriage institution will not suffer. (Nagle, Jeanne,3).

Marriage becomes one of basic building blocks to the nation and the neighborhood. The same-sex marriage leads to the promotion of values conservatives prize. Marriage becomes a very stable bondage between the two individuals working for the creation of the loving household and the social and economic partnership. Gay individuals get encouraged marrying each other because the commitment which they have made to each other will provide the benefits to themselves, their families and the community at large. The truth that the individuals are happening to be gay is that they would love sharing the vital social institution and is evidence that the conservative ideals enjoy the widespread acceptance. The basic American principles recognize legalizing of the same-sex wedding as a representative of the culmination of the state commitment to the equal right. Marriages of the same sex provides stability for the couples about the public acknowledgment of their commitment which provides the legitimacy for their children

Andrew Sullivan points out the significance of having same-sex marriage. He says that the gay couples have a lower rate of divorce when compared to the heterosexual individuals. There is a lower rate of the promiscuity with the gay men, the families with the gay offspring have fewer trauma incidences. The individuals have a lower rate of the disease transmission, and they are self-reliant and more dependent society members. Mark Osler is a Christian, and he is in favor of the same-sex marriage. What he notes in the accounts of Jesus in the Bible together with his followers becomes insistence in that we do not have moral authority not to allow our colleagues the blessings of the holy institutions for instance baptism, the marriage, and the communion. God himself through Holy Spirit, saturate the situations with the life and it does not belong to us to either deny or give others. The place does not belong to us; it seems to sort out the person to be denied the bond with the Holy Spirit and God which is a kind found through the baptism, marriage and the communion. The rule above applies whether seeing gay marriage being a sin or not. The question now is not whether same-sex marriage is sinning but whether being the gay should become the bar to the baptism or marriage or even the communion. The answer for this is in the bible. Jesus and Peter gave a striking form of engagement and love. The symbol for the love of God for all became hold by Jesus and Peter.

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