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Published: 2021-08-04
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The topic School Bullies is important since it concerns a phenomenon that affects the learning environment. School bullies include learners and institutional staff. Equally so, students and school staff fall victim to such prejudice. The problem affects female gender than men. Similarly, more bullies are male as victims are female. The situational issues surrounding the detestable habits can be mitigated through policy reforms and institutionalized practices. Research on school bullies can advice and provide opportunity for change implementation towards improved professional performance and learner results through a refinement of the school environment.

The article Bullying and Perceived School Climate offers a contextual approach. The authors are interested in the role of a school environment in bullying events. Differences in opinion are addressed through a hypothesis that status is a factor. The authors show interest in the origin of bullying incidents from the victim as well as the bullys point of view. Gender is a factor. Pecjak and Pirc (2017) find that fewer girls are bullies than boys. The observation that more victims are noted in primary school setups is made. The question of sensitivity emerges and is addressed from student situations. Bullying victims are more sensitive to the bias than the bullies (Pecjak and Pirc, 2017). Peer pressure plays a crucial role in the development of bully personalities.

Blackboard bullies: workplace bullying in primary schools thinks about the occurrence of bullying within primary school setups. A particularly unique approach is considered since professional staff victims are the centre of focus (Fahie, 2014). The areas of study include bullying as an impediment to professional practice and the influence of organizational culture. The article reports on the experiences of school staff. Suggestions about how to address workplace bullying are presented. Policy structures and hiring processes emerge as sufficient and proactive solutions to the problem. The unfortunate incidents can deter a teachers performance since the profession depends on collaboration between various stakeholders (Fahie, 2014).

The study topic affects me in that I am an influence of a school environment. My actions within the school setup or towards colleagues impact on the general outcomes within the institution. Similarly, the habits and actions of other members of the subject surroundings affect my performance as an individual. The research is an opportunity to understand personal attitudes and to recognize desirable changes that would guarantee improved performance. It should inspire and define necessary changes through the revelation of key issues as motivated by stakeholder interactions in school.

The audience should understand that bullying is a big issue in the school environment. It is important that students and staff appreciate the impact of their actions within the subject surroundings. The research is a call for action geared towards the review of school policy and individual attitudes. Learners and staff should identify the imperative change in attitude that would allow other participants to perform optimally. Policy makers should feel challenged to develop new policies and refine active practices to ensure that favorable interactions persist.

In conclusion, any member of a school environment can qualify as a bully or suffer as a victim. In consideration of the gender factor, more males are bullies while females are victimized. Peer pressure is a factor in the development of bully habits while policy loopholes allow the persistence of bullying. Policy and attitude reforms are necessary to deter bullying activities within schools.


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