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Published: 2021-07-29
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President Trump is one of the worlds known leaders from the controversial positions or statements he has made. This began during his campaign which saw a successful businessman place his bid on the table to run for the presidency. Having looked at the success recorded in the corporate world, many of the Americans chose to use their democratic rights to elect Trump as the US president. This was done even after the current president proved to be a man full of satire. It is notable that the satire part of President Trump has not changed. Mr. Trump's responses to serious issues surprised many people around the world. He has made sure to use his talent of expressing serious ideas and policy suggestions through satire on many occasions. This paper will review the satire of president Trump during his attempts in putting political statements across the board.

Apparently, the intellectual quotient of President Trump has increased after receiving news that the Virgin Islands are part of the US (Borowitz, 2017). This came as a surprise given the fact that someone smuggled votes from this Island to make him the President. Several messages can be drawn from this statement; Donald Trump has never been to the Virgin Islands, a place where he is reported to have invested. Is it possible that his business appetite missed the fact that Virgin Islands are part of the US? From which authorities did he get such permits to operate? It is satirical for a top state official to publicly declare that such information has elevated his IQ to a whole new level. Apparently, more news of similar versions may equate Trumps I.Q to Isaac Newtons I.Q. Americans are staring and a president whose brains are growing pretty fast. It is also a high time the President went back to his former school and demand for a refund. President Trump is the chief diplomat of the US and such a move to abandon the world at the hour of need was uncalled for. It is a high time his advisors stepped up and told the president to go slow on international politics especially the politics of climate change.

President Trump is known to be a sharp critic of the significance of the term Global warming and has made a lot of satire on this topic (Cillizza, 2017). The President believes that Global warming was an economic strategy by the Chinese to slow down production in the US. Mr. Trump pleaded for the supply of some global warming to the freezing and snowing New York. That was received as a joke but as it appears the man was so serious and he has proven this as a president. In 2014, Mr. Trump said, It is freezing outside, where the hell is global warming? In 2015, the president demanded a big fat dose of global warming and also demanded hell to present global warming. Then he only mentioned hell, and little did the world know that he was the man to open hell and dare the world. As much as these statements appear satirical, they also appear reckless from the most powerful man in the world. He might have been exonerated if he had not made the threat real by withdrawing from the global initiative against global warming. The solution to withdraw is not only weak but ridiculous in the sense that top scientist in the US have researched and approved that Global warming is real. As it stands, only that person with the ability to increase an IQ by knowing the Virgin Islands have what it takes to approach Trump. The world will be watching and waiting for Trumps IQ to hit double digits once he knows that the global warming is real. Such messages are likely to be met with different opinions especially by people who specialize in literature or psychology. A person living in Virgin Island might consider these sentiments as insults or message to prove that the federal government has secluded them.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico have always caused a menace in the US, and any presidential aspirant would use this to woe the electorate. Policymakers asked for a solution, and it came from the most unexpected man, H.E Donal J Trump. During his campaigns, Mr. Trump promised to build a wall that separates Mexico from the US, which he believed was able to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the US. However, he did not tell the Mexicans that a face of an angry Trump will be put on the border to scare people from the illegal scaling of the wall. According to Ishac (2017), Mr. Trump has a passion for expressing his ideas in a satirical way even when he is very serious. One of his Major threats towards the Mexicans was that he would stop eating taco until Mexicans contribute towards the building of the wall. President Trump claimed that his action would starve the Mexican economy to the point that they will give in to the demands of his administration. Ishac (2017) reports that Trumps nutritionists have proven the presidents preference to Mexican delicacies such as the taco. Apparently, the president presents this satire as if he consumes over half of the Mexican foods. The president claimed that his taco strike would cost the Mexican economy a staggering 2.4 billion US dollars every year. In case Mr. Trump implements his threat for several years, then the Mexican economy would become crippled. This will be the best record in the Guinness books of records, and no match can be found even in the next millennium. It can be assumed that the president intends to impose an embargo on Mexican food. Such policies were used against Cuba and at times proved unsuccessful. Alternatively, the president should consider eating more taco with the Mexican government as they look for a way of funding the border wall.

It is impossible to establish whether some of the presidents messages are threats or mere satire. For instance, he demanded an apology from Mr. Fox, or he will build the wall 100 meters higher. According to Pearce & Zavis (2017), Mr. Trump was responding to the fury expressed by the former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Mr. Fox had claimed that he would not dare pay for the construction of the border wall proposed by Mr. Trump. The former Mexican president had referred to the American president as a crazy guy and an egocentric person. This statement by Mr. Fox should have made Mr. Trump mad, but it made the latter attain another level of satire. Mr. Trump satirically responded by saying, The wall just got ten feet taller. This move by President Trump send one message not only to the Mexicans but the rest of the world. It is evident that Mr. Trump becomes more satirical when extremely serious and angry. He controls his tempers and emotions by responding to serious political issues with satire.

Mr. Trump has been a sharp critic of his predecessor, President Obama, and the Obamacare health policy. According to President Trump, the policy was developed to benefit the immigrants. It was one of Mr. Trumps major campaign tools, but he recently made sentiments that shocked the entire America. How comes Mr. Trump used the Obamacare to the campaign, yet he knew nothing about the healthcare policy? Recently, Mr. Trump said, I Googled it, and I must say, I was surprised. There was a lot in it that really made sense. This is one of the many statements that the current US president unleashes when the bells of satire rings. He also admitted that the tight campaign calendar prevented him from consulting the Google concerning Obamacare. One would wonder where he got all the rumors he shared with the public regarding Obamacare. Whenever such a strict man like Trump makes such discoveries on his own, his advisors are in for his trouble which might include lack of pay. If he never paid for the faulty address system during his campaigns, what assurance does one have that his advisor will be paid this time around? The main message that Mr.Trump wanted to put across was that Obamacare had more than meets the eye. The American health sector was forced to bite a bigger chunk than they could chew. Mr. Trump said Quite frankly, it did make me wonder a bit about that. A lot of these terrific Mexicans could come in and make a real contribution to our country and, in exchange, I think theyd benefit from Obamacare This was intended to put across his political message and publicly proclaim his undying hate against the Mexicans.

In most cases, satire often adopts techniques such as irony, and this has been evident in some of the statements made by President Trump. The president entered the political arena with a different strategy which arguably was fired up by President Obama. Mr. Obama used his great sense of humor to mock Mr. Trump while on the other hand; Mr. Trump came responding with satire. The current US president is one of the major critics of President Obamas administration by claiming that he was too diplomatic. The diplomatic approached used by Mr. Obama on Iran was ridiculed by the current president in his remarks published by the White House press secretary on October 13, 2017  (The White House, 2017). In his statement, President Trump said, Just imagine the sight of those huge piles of money being hauled off by the Iranians waiting at the airport for the cash. I wonder where all that money went. Money can only be delivered in this manner in cases where it is paid as ransom. In cases where one government lends another government with money, such huge amounts are not loaded in planes and delivered to the targeted destination. The exact amount that Trump was describing was 1.7 billion US dollars. In other words, Mr. Trump implied that the Iranian government was taking advantage of the US diplomatic approach. In the same statement, Mr. Trump could not hold back his temptation to tear apart the previous administration. He indicated that The same mindset that produced this deal is responsible for years of terrible trade deals that have sacrificed so many millions of jobs in our country to the benefit of other countries, (The White House, 2017). In this context, the mindset refers to the Obamas government which he insisted failed to prioritize the interests of the Americans. The statement was also meant to disqualify the former secretary of states, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Despite the fact that Mr. Trump had personal, professional and political differences with the former president, it is never wise to disqualify every single effort made in the past. America chose diplomacy since it was the best option during that time. In the name of putting America first, the current president has chosen a war with one of the most unpredictable and politically stubborn enemies, North Korea. Therefore, he might criticize the previous administration, but this move is one that will be discussed many years in future.

Satire is good for the audience since it attracts the attention of many. Mr. Trump is one of the worlds most satirical leaders. His choice of words and choice of time to use these words has always been surprising. The president is fond of creating jokes from serious issues, and this has so far acted to his advantage. His war of words is full of satire that to some critics, they are considered as real threats. Whenever Mr. Trump uses satire, one has to be very keen to get the right message.



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