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Published: 2021-08-10
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People visit bathrooms for different reasons. Women and men go to washrooms for some reasons including reapply their makeup, a place for gossip, washrooms are always a quiet place for oneself, reality check where she needs to be reassured of whatever she is doing or about her boyfriend. Notably, they do so to escape from something lets say a guy who keeps winking at her and lastly bathrooms are always a hideout for single ladies who cant take it seeing their girlfriends and their dudes making out before them. Men on the other hand visit bathrooms mostly to primp, a chilling spot, for masturbation and also to shave their beards. Due to the reasons are given above, there is thus a great need to have separate sex bathrooms for both genders. Below are some of these reasons.

1. Sharing of sex bathrooms is a ticket to immorality, sexual abuse, and victimization- there have been many cases of women who get assaulted sexually in bathrooms by men. Sharing of these bathrooms contributes to this as there are no guards at every door to conform to the safety of people. Women are assaulted and also victimized by men in these institutions. Many ill-mannered guys disguise themselves in such a way, or they pretend to be looking after the safety of women in these facilities, but no, their sole aim and goal are to get to the women and have their way with them by raping and molesting them. Sharing of bathrooms by both genders also endangers peoples lives in that robbers and murderers hide in these places to carry out their tasks, for example, robbing people their belongings or even possible murders. Separation of these facilities thus protects and prevents both male and female from their predators that carry with them so many and different aims ranging from murder, kidnap sexual harassment and robbery.

2. Privacy and comfort ability-any woman wont feel at ease being in the same washroom with a total stranger who is a man, and also some men will not be comfortable with it. Someones privacy should be well respected and guaranteed. A bathroom is the only place where a person can think and be by either him or herself. Women cannot be free doing whatever took them to the bathrooms if men are available in the same room and this also applies to men. One's privacy and comfortability matters a lot and should not be denied. Ladies always love to do their thing privately, for example, applying their makeup, gossiping about this or that and also for some reality check or to look if they are having something in their face or even their teeth or also to see if some adjustments are needed.

3. The need to preserve social order in the society- this mostly applies to the Transgender population, which are commonly discriminated, harassed and looked down upon in the community we all live in today. Trans gender persons should be allowed to use bathrooms that correspond or reflects their gender. The social order of a particular society will not be eroded or disrupted if a Trans man having the total physical appearance of a straight man walks into the bathroom belonging to the male sex. Same applies to the Trans gender women who are generally and completely women in their physical appearance.

Conclusively, there is a need for separate bathrooms among both the male and female to avoid the inconveniences, chaos, and drama involved.

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