Response to the NYT's Article Denouncing the Position of the White Nationalists and White Supremacy

Published: 2021-08-18
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All human beings matters regardless of whether one is white or black or the region where they humble from. People should be handled with a lot of respect regardless of the race or color. Therefore, it is prudent to denounce the white supremacists' ideology which is based upon the belief that the white people are superior in many ways to people of other races thus their dominance over others. Given the condition which the black people had undergone as they were fighting against the social segregation and discrimination, the whites have no right to fight to subject them still to such situations. For instance, even though the president Abraham Lincoln had provided a degree for the slaves to be free, the civil war had to come to an end before the slaves across the South to be set free. The lifestyles that the slaves lived after being freed were even worse than that which they were undergoing while they were still slaves. They found themselves powerless and relegated to a convict leasing champs, a situation which was even more than being a slave. These are what led to the Jim Crow segregations- a subordinate racial caste which arises due to the change in the political system in both the south and the northern regions. During this period, the blacks were not allowed to access the resources, and they were subjected to the police brutality. It is a situation which thus led to the question, do the police provide a public good or do they perpetuate the racial inequality? Therefore, these conditions did motivate various organizations, individuals, and movements to stand tall and seek for democracy.

However, the dilemma comes when both parties both blacks and white rise up to fight for their identity. In the year 2016, the report about the police brutality on the black people, it was found that the mistreatments should not to be linked to the racism but the difference in the crime rate evident among the races. On the other hand, due to the formation of the Traditional Workers Party by Mr. Hovater, a group which matched across Charlottesville with an aim of seeking for white peoples identity and to fight for the interest of the white Americans, a process which symbolizes that the whites were also undergoing through brutality and mistreatments from the authorities Just as the blacks do. May be, the degree as to which this happens is what differs. Therefore, the sole remedy to these problems experienced in the United States should not be linked to the past events. In such a case, the initial hatred will emerge since the blacks did undergo through a lot of miseries on the hands of the white community.

It is therefore evident that the society should find the problems which have caused a lot of miseries among the blacks and a feeling of neglects among the whites and device mechanisms in which these problems can be solved to arrive at equilibrium. It is because the white feel that the blacks will rule them forever while the blacks also panic that the police is enhancing the brutality due to subsequent killings and torture of the black people. The president and the current government leaders should formulate regulations which could end the New Jim crow segregation from cropping up again. They should also solve the whites issues which make them feel they have been left behind on the issues pertaining to the national cake and economic development.


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