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Published: 2021-06-25
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The topic of our research Paper covers through the contrast between intellectual and corruptness of state of the heart.

Thesis Statement

In her writing illustrates how the heart is dark and complex, she explains that the heart is a place where there are mixed emotions, it is compared with the battlefield of emotions. The most considered emotions are categorized in two different feelings. They include the greed and religious sentiments, through her writing, we can relate to the violence, evil and corrupt heart that depicted on the book of Good Country People. (Flannery O; Conner, 2004) As from the writing, we can relate to the Intellectual/ religious part of the heart, while the other corrupt human heart; the part presents insane, criminal, and sometimes sexually demonic. Still, on the contrast the writer demonstrates through the application of paradigms appreciated by the plume of both subjects to the heart from this contrast we arrive at the theme of the story.


From the writing we confirm that there are two characters; Mrs. Hopewell and Mrs. Freeman, the two-character play the role of the corrupt in simpler and mode. Mrs. Hopewell refers to Mrs. Freemans as good country people. Fond in of secret issues, deformities that are hidden, disease and children assaults, she was very corrupt. (120), the event where Mrs. Freemans blasted off when she heard the story on Hulgas leg, her reaction was so appealing that she displayed expressions of exaggerated mood. She was just incurable, Mrs. Hopewell characterized her name, and she was very hopeful, from the writing we can confirm that Mrs. Hopewell actions when she considered her daughter was growing up, saddened by accident when she worried if she would arrive well with the no saddened by accident had happened. She thought of young child whether she was okay, she had her at heart, Hope all is well, that was Mrs. Hopewell. Contrary to this attributes we consider Mrs. Freeman (118-120) heart feelings depicted from her actions; her character and reputation covers on a theme on a topic want to know all your business. She skims along each other business and reads on the issues and makes it her own and translates it through her heart which is always corrupt, insane, and criminal, she exaggeration of every word in transition into own relation and display. The fact revolves around the grounds of heart properties, and she thinks ill about Mrs. Hopewell. Her bad qualities are wished contradict the virtues of Mrs. Hopewell; she mission is to construct a narrative relating to the bad qualities of Mrs. Hopewell. That is the goal of the writing. She (Mrs. Freeman) is intelligent, corrupt and from this attributes she can twist any good to bad, highly influenced by the heart and she only wants the bad and wishes bad to others, she may as well deserve the bad. Thus the heart is most filled with bad things.(Flannery O Conner, 1985)


All her action from the writing are corrupt, and versus an intellect heart from Mrs. Hopewell, she wants to know all the other ladies worst scenario, for every good hope then her analogy is opposite, her heart translates good to bad and the bad remains or deteriorates to worst.

From the writing we relate to the irony on the theme, considering that it only evolves when one person by itself. Also, it covers on the Bible salesman who presents his character of himself relate to intelligence plus corruptness presides together. The writing plot is not suspected in that the twist of the bible salesman. Mr. Pointer, the Bible salesman, would be in some way represent the church.( Friedman, 1985) Also on who knows the bible and would typically indicate a real country person, a solid believe from the character from the writing provide for a man that desired to be a missionary and reason being that it was the single way to convince the people. For certain religion is the best way to slave people. Well I got a glass eye this way; the man whose belief on missionary to influence turned to be ironical, he turned to be a corrupt human who craved the wooden leg from Hulga (103),


The conflict of the contrast between corruptness and the intellect, Hulga and Mr. Pointer, their heart of corrupt and pride of the intellect, considering that intelligent as an act of corruptness of the heart. Mrs. Hulga who has a Ph.D., very smart, a lecturer, however, the students in could relate well to her if it were not for her heart illness. Also on the other character Mr. Pointer, the Bible salesman who is a thief has a twisted fetish for artificial body parts. The thief applies the criminal mind which he has, to influence Hulga to take her leg off and then distracts her for sexual desires, following that the Hulga had a missing leg.(Hetwitt, 2004) Analyze on the good country people

Flannery O Connor from the writing covers the human heart, is the darkest place or part of the body. From the heart, we realize that the contrast between conflict on intellect and corrupt characters the fully play a role in the ironical scenario. Hulga, Mr. Pointer, twisted games from both cases, they believe but not at heart, roles from both characters presents misfits in their actions. Two- sided heart very hard to confirm the characters


In summary, the writer convinces us that the heart is the darkest place and no one can read and trace one's attributes. Ironical figures in writing represent the actual meaning of the conflict between intellect and corrupt it is very hard for one to confirm the being, others apply this to influence others on getting attracted to conned ways of the con man. The fellow missionaries are tricked by others into getting involved. Religion is the most powerful ways of enslaving humanity whereby all can fall into the vice. Also, the character represents the actions that evil, and bad qualities of an individual, who always think wrong of others, who also convinced that the all are evil like her. Every situation she handles relates to the poor qualities she represents. Curious as the cat seeks to know it all and refers to the situation by her evil heart.(Macon,2010) Hypocrisy at its bets is thoroughly analyzed in writing and, the author reveals to us that it, not the word we use but the actions we involve ourselves in. The heart of a person is a mixture of good and bad, and your actions speak louder.

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