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Published: 2021-08-18
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My father moved through dooms of love by E.E Cummings is of great insight and deep understanding of the happenings in the daily lives of the people, both old and young. It has, indeed, helped in the proper understanding of the culture in society. The poems of E.E. Cummings like "O sweet spontaneous" have cultivated and embraced love in society, making many to have positive views when they hear the word love'. Unlike the millennial generation who seem not to grasp the proper meaning of love', Mr. Cummings has shown acts of tremendous love. He is as well accessible, very straight to the point as he says what he means without hiding the original meaning. The poem My father moved through dooms of love depicts and portrays the act of anti-authority where rebellion of an individual was witnessed against the state. The spirit of being able to stand alone and fight a good fight is seen in the poem. It's not easy to go back to the past, and that is boldly illustrated by E.E. Cummings, the victims which he regrettably called mental concupiscence. There are several values depicted in the poems My father moved through dooms of love and "O sweet spontaneous" and so many ways in which the poems reflect on the way of life lived by many in the society.

It was the ancient period of high barbarism and emergence of the religion of christianityin the region that this piece was written. The time that the article was written could be the old ages of the civil war. Mr. Cummings confirms that during the World War 1, he was arrested and detained by the French as a result of damaging and dissenting remarks that had been made by him, that was way back in 1922. Most of the people did not live the life to the fullest during this time as they are controlled and managed by religious principles. They later realized at the late old age what they missed in the past. Their youth age was a waste and appears to them as if they can re-visit it. However, its not possible to return to the childhood when you are already at your old age. It's a gone era and opportunity they never grabbed (Cohen, 5). The society in which this piece was written has learned the dangers of engaging in an unnecessary war that that negatively impact a community such as property destruction and loss of life.

A few were educated, and the government itself was brutal and undemocratic. The people who stand by what they believe is right can be jailed if the statements they utter are contrary to what the government dictates them to say. E.E is being arrested for remaining steadfast in criticizing the state that he claims to be corrupt and undemocratic. He was detained for saying words that the government felts are malicious and fighting the regime.

There are many things that happened during the time the piece was written. The society was a war zona and few of the educated.By the time My father moved through dooms of love was being written, the World War 1 was ongoing, and the citizens were fearful. Political injustices were prevalent all over the land, and many were arrested for trying to wage war against the state that sponsored the crimes. E.E had a master's degree from the Havard University. Many could not manage to reach that level of education in the society. This has influenced the community to condemn war and spearhead the programs that facilitate the education programs.

Many things happened in the society during this period the piece was written. The community during this time was an exciting life. It's is admirable life by all standards as illustrated by the artistry of Mr. Cummings who was not only a writer but also a tremendous and beautiful painter. Most of his paintings are great as he painted almost every day of the week, thus saying he was almost to perfection would not be far away from the truth. The theme of his poems is twofold: majorly, expression of love. He is the most significant love and romance poet ever. The piece has influenced the culture of love in society. People can now live in harmony with each other as the piece illustrated (Kidder, 59). A peaceful society, in any place of the world, is a prosperous society and they can pull together their resources towards a common goal, and this positively influences the community as the funds are creatively and efficiently utilized.

The society during this period was also innovative. As depicted in the poem of E.E Cummings, there was a lot of creativity in the creation of weird and strange forms and themes that he performed. Others were beyond shallow interpretation as they were full of idiomatic expressions. The society has also adopted polygamy during this period. Mr. Cummings was married more than ones, thrice to be specific, and it's illustrated that the last marriage took nearly 35 years. This piece has influenced the society by making the people be able to harness their talents and creativity to make a living out of it. Some people have emulated the creativity in the piece to be able to write an article of their own. This increases the level of information circulation in the society. Thus it remains informed.

The society during this time was practicing prostitution. There is an illustration to confirm that Mr. Cummings was visiting the brothel in the Cambridge (Boston) where he was born. The policemen patrolling at night found his father's car at the house of a prostitute, and it was E.E who left it over there. Despite that fact, the religion of Christianity was also being practiced in the very society. A father to E.E was a minister of the congregation. However, this act of prostitution has influenced negatively the community in which the piece was written. A good number of citizens have turned to prostitution which is very dangerous in the organization. Prostitution in the society leads to marriage breakups, a spread of very deadly diseases and also is disrespectful to the belief of the Christianity. Nevertheless, many are now preaching against prostitution with some traces of hope that it shall one day come to a halt.

There are several values depicted in the piece as vividly illustrated by E.E Cummings. There are many values in the poem such as romantic; Mr. Cummings has been viewed as being one who subscribes to the school of thought of anti-intellectualism. He seems to value emotions over the intellectualism. It's illustrated on "O sweet spontaneous" as he says that "since feeling is first." He goes ahead to argue that there is no more significant source of truth than emotions which completely agrees with. The value of dedication is depicted when several marriages are tempted and the third one, which seems auspicious, goes for almost 35 years. Never give up until you achieve your plans even if obstacles are weighing you down.

The value of Christianity is also viewed. Mr. Cummings' father was a minister of the congregation. He is seen preaching against the earthly things, and he sounds so philosophical in terms. I do have fun reading most of his statements, and how I hope most of you find time to do the same, trust you me, you will love it. Here he says Thou answerest, the only with spring, and thats the only answer Earth has to have. The piece has had a massive influence on the current culture of the people as many have dropped their traditional beliefs in the society and turn into worshipping the Almighty God who the Christian believes in. It has positively influenced the broad population to grow in fear of God thus excellent characters such as being faithful in the relationship, respecting parents and helping the needy in society.

The value of giving back to the society is also seen and illustrated. A charitable act does not necessarily mean you have to give material values or monetary values, but even the services to the society are recognized. Mr. Cummings is seen to go back to his former school to give some lectures and pieces of advice. Around 60's he delivered what is called Six Non-Lectures to the students in his previous class.

Brilliance is a value seen in the piece. The piece illustrates not only confidence but also brilliance. It takes more than just courage to criticize the government of the time. Brilliance is what it makes to be able to identify and notice that a state is molesting her people. This has positively influenced the society in which the piece was written to be able to successfully criticize the government whenever they feel their rights are ignored. It has resulted in an establishment of the democratic state in the place the piece was written, and the people can freely express their ideas without being detained.

Historical period or what is happening in the society affects how and why the piece was written. Depending on the past time and how the people acted, it has enables the article to be written entertainingly. E.E expresses himself by using the American idioms and speeches in the illustrations and passing the theme of the poems. Just like his fellow poets such as Carlos Williams and Frost, he still outrightly makes the poems enjoyable and entertaining to his audience. The piece was also written in right language as the historical context depict that education at Havard was real and of the exceptional standard. It's very accessible, and you do not need to strain to fathom the words used. It easy and you do not need to deconstruct the entire paragraph to get a clue.

What is happening in the society inspires E.E Cummings to be able to write down his thoughts after a close examination of the things that are happening. He is inspired to write a piece My father moved through dooms of love to express how he was inspired by the manner in which his father moved from being a grieved man to a joyful man. Inspiration is a powerful tool that got E.E to write this piece.

Cumming's poems never lack appropriate and realistic themes. In My father moved through dooms of love, he depicts several themes in the poem such as death. He honors his father who had died at an old age while still a minister of a congregation (Cummings, 12). E.E. Cummings is also viewed as a firm and robust subscriber to the ideologies of individualism and was continuously talking about the conformity that engulfs him. E.E Cummings indicates in his poems as nature loving person who will base some of his thoughts on the traditional point of view. He argued that one should live life to the fullest while still got that opportunity. Nature can end it unexpectedly just like the case with his father.

The poems also indicated the theme of a principality. Cummings's father, who he generously talked about throughout his "My father moved through dooms of love, sounds like a real man who stands by his principles and way of life.

The language, imagery, themes and the details of the pieces have made it a very quality work that meets the required expected standards for an excellent article. E.E. Cummings' argumentative skills and ability to convey the message to his audience is splendid and commendable. He is innovative, accessible, educated and much informed on the wide variety of issues. He does not make the audience of his piece struggle to get whatever he wants to pass through. That makes the article enjoyable and easy to read. Therefore, the reaction of the material is entirely pleasant.


This piece of literature has affected the manner in which the literature of today is being scribbled. Many authors have adapted to this writing as it's full of entertainment, education, and creativity. It has raised the bar for most of the poets and writers because the poem is written in such a manner any person would love to read and re-read it just to keep enjoying the content. It has also influenced most of the authors to emphasize the existence of these, most, values depicted in the piece. This enables the future generation to be able to a...

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