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Published: 2021-07-19
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Social justice refers to the distribution of public opportunities, wealth, privileges and resources in society. Social justice is a topic of contest especially in the American society due to the existence of many multi ethnic communities. Communities strive to achieve social justice through equal representation in leadership as well as the allocation of public resources. Social justice has not been achieved in the globe and also in the American society due to the existence of different classes and the stratification of the society between the poor and the rich. In the past, there have been significant social injustices especially experienced by the African Americans and the American ethnic minorities. Most of the resources and also public responsibilities were meant for the majority white people who denied the minority communities education with the aim of frustrating their ability to seek social justice. However, lately, there has been significant strides towards social inclusion in healthcare, education and also leadership. The government and special interest groups have been at the forefront in demanding social justice and inclusion of all the people (Denver, 2013).

Social justice has been a concerning topic in the American society mostly among racial and ethnic groups that feel that they are treated unfairly by the majority white Americans dominated government. Minority racial groups have been looking for fair treatment and inclusion in the society in a variety of ways such as demonstration and also filing cases in courts so that they can be treated fairly by the white American dominated government and institutions. Magazines such as Being White in Philly have faced significant criticism because they depicted the black Americans as; irresponsible, and largely criminals. Mayor Michael of Philadelphia assisted in campaigning against anything that promoted social injustice and even called for the Human relations so that they could consider rebuking the magazine which created a negative image of the black people. Social Justice in America exists for citizens, because of their experiences with Social Injustice.

There have been questions about who owns social justice in America, whether it is the liberals or the conservatives. President Obama tried to create fairness among the different races which exist in America through activities such as raising the minimum wage, expansion of entitlements and increasing the taxes on the wealthy people (Brooks, 2014). In that way, social injustice would not be dominant among the low-income earning groups, low-class Americans and those of other races. Initially, the poor people faced most social injustice conditions. They were paid below the minimum wage which means that it would be hard alleviating the poverty level. In return, they had poor settlements, education, food and other social services. These people stood for their rights, and through the changes introduced by the previous president Obama, the low-income earning groups were able to enjoy social justice.

The practices introduced by Obama helped for some time, but later it created more chances of social injustice. The wealthy people were able to regain their economic footing, and the vulnerable people fell farther behind. The workforce in America, for instance, is very low since the year 1970. Income inequality is very prominent which result to social injustice among the disadvantaged group. This explains that social justice has not they were served. These practices were introduced by liberals who thought that they would create equality between the wealthy and poor Americans of different races. It calls for the conservatives to come up with their solution concerning the social injustice issue. The main question which presents how the improving social justice would be conducted (Denver, 2013).

The conservatives should begin by asking the vulnerable whatever they require so that they can improve their lives. There are three things which will be required to change the life of the people who have faced social injustice, and these are the relief, transformation, and opportunity. These are three pillars upon which true social justice lies upon. It begins with personal moral transformation such as accepting the moral practices such as religious guidelines which one person has to follow and in that way, when any social justice concept is created, it will be fair among all people. Low-income in America is threatening the crucial meaning of life which is the family, faith, and community. For the marginalized to be built, there is need to talk openly about the values, and the facts should be faced head-on (Denver, 2013).

Social justice cannot be promoted by relying on the government. The human beings should be able to work and improve their way of life such as the clothing they wear, the type of dietary food to avoid any nutritional health issues and the housing services they are accessible to.

When human beings are offered an opportunity, they can exploit it to their advantage and can use this to improve their operations and reduce social injustices. The conservatives embrace the stories of how the Americans can make something out of their lives through their success. In the present, very fewer Americans can be successful without being assisted by either the government or fellow wealthy Americans. No wonder they are always treated unfairly as no one would be willing to offer a person something they do not deserve in the name of social justice. In the economic sector, for instance, an individual is offered only what they work for and no more (Sundstrom, 2008). In that way, such as individual cannot be equal with the people who have hired them.

For equality opportunities to be restored there are three things which are required, and they are bold education reforms where all American children despite their race will be assisted in realizing their potential. In that way, they will not rely on the government or other people to help them. The second way is coming up with a plan which can assist in the creation of job opportunities which will promote economic growth and reduce unemployment levels. The third way of restoring equal opportunities is through creating a free enterprise where all people will be empowered to use their skills and passion. Through these methods, social injustice will be reduced, and Americans will enjoy social justice (Denver, 2013).

In conclusion, social justice is an important aspect of any developing and sustainable community. There is the need for the inclusion of all the people and communities through equal political representation, equal government investment in education and health as well as equal sharing of the national resources. The government should ensure that all the people in the locality within its control can access necessary services and resources required to lead decent and progressive lives. Poor social justice leads to unrest and also can disrupt equal development and co-existence of the people.

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