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Published: 2021-08-15
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Health4UNow is a system that will help the hospitals securely maintain patient's data. The system also allows the patient to report his/her conditions to the doctor online and incase of any lab report; the patient is advised to attend the nearest laboratory. Health4UNow has different modules which help in efficient allocation of resources and assignment (work). The system will reduce the number of patients in hospitals, help in the growth of other industries and help the patients report issues that they may see as private and confidential among others. It is well designed in a way it can accommodate any change in the future.

Postmortem Summary

The methodology used in the design is the agile methodology. Why? This kind of methodology accommodates complicated projects hence can handle such a project. During implementation, there are different feedbacks on the system which must be pointed out. The methodology allows any requirements that were left behind to be added to the system. These make the system flexible to any changes in future (Abrahamsson et al. 2017).

Method evaluation is critical. It is the primary area where one knows if the system is fit to do its work. The results can be based on the impact, and the outcomes of the system are functioning representing the qualitative and quantitate analysis. The system worked while it was put to the test and possible additional requirements were to be added and since it was flexible, it was easy.

In any system, some challenges and perils come along with the system (Abrahamsson, et al. 2017). If they are not solved, they will be even in the generation to come. One common problem that will always be there is the bugs. If the system is handled by a person in the hospital who doesnt know how to use it, it can bring along errors if he/she interferes with its original files. In the future, there will always be new user requirement which will need an upgrade of the system which leads to additional cost and loss of time.

Project Status

The primary aim of the project status is to get if the system is complete for use effectively or not. The only way to know these is to go back to the main objective of the system and evaluate if they are all met. The objectives of the system are to provide a stable, flexible and reliable program that will make the moral, legal and commercial requirements by adding value to the patients life. All these are met in this system. The system does not provoke any legal requirements in all the stages; the moral requirements are highly valued during the design while the commercial requirements are met by ensuring all stakeholders benefit from the same system (Rahschulte, et al. 2016).

When this system is installed and configured on a good machine, it works at a very good and reliable speed. Speed means everything in system development. No individual wants a system which will take centuries while processing data since there will be time wastage. The data processed by the system is used in a particular hospital can be large hence the machine needs to be very fast. It is developed in a way it is compatible even with a laptop although an 8gb RAM. Most of the people in the current generation use laptops due to portability hence a doctor can see a patients condition anytime anywhere.

Since the methodology used allows additional requirements and no system is 100% complete, there may be few mistakes (Batkovsky et al 2016). The system runs in the Linux and windows operating system hence stable, but a good machine should be used with the required features to be able to maintain the system. If the system is used, hospitals are very busy, and people will naturally create traffic in the system and if not handled well it can lead to delays and confusion between the client and the doctor.

As per the time, the system was implemented, there were no errors or sign of change. The doctors tried the system and it was easy to use it. Its rate of efficiency is very high, reliability is a number one priority, and its covered in the system. Patients from home can get assistance at a fast rate if there is an emergency they can also react and attend to the nearest hospitals. Some people have got phobia making them shy to participate in a clinic and share the problems with the doctor; this system can solve that since its secure and confidential.

Future Enhancements

The system is open for future changes, and there are somethings which if advanced can lead to the system operating better (Rahschulte, et al 2016). The system should be added a feature where it can be compatible with all operating systems and also in Android. Android is the most used phone worldwide hence if there is an application designed where the patients and the doctors can communicate it will be a great improvement. The interface should also be designed I away there is a stronger interaction between the patient and the doctor to increase confidence between the two parties.

The requirements of the system to be compatible with a Linux or Windows operating system is too high. Giving an example, the RAM requirement is 14GB which is too high. How many machines have these and how many companies own them? There are less if none. The system should be redesigned in a way it favors all the parties regarding cost. The higher the RAM, the higher the price hence making it unaffordable to many people worldwide. These requirements should be reduced to increase the system usage since almost all the machines will be able to accommodate it and all the stakeholders will be able to afford.

Implementation Support plan

For the stakeholders and the end users to understand the working of the system, a support plan is important (Rahschulte, et al 2016). The system is designed in a way there is a message center to both parties. What its purpose? The purpose is to make sure one can ask any question which the parties feel hard to understand. It can be a navigation question, where to find what or any other question and there will be a direct and immediate reply. The support center makes everything easy and reduces time wastage. If the stakeholder or the user does not have questions, there is a part which contains asked and answered questions where one can find his/her answer.

If the project is approved and used in the real Word, the support team must be there 24/7. It is a health system, health issues have no time limitation either daytime or at night, anything can happen any time any day. Thats why the support has to be there to respond to any question hence there will be no or minimal risks concerning medication.

Maintenance plan

Maintenance planning can be both managerial and technical (Batkovsky, et al 2016). Regarding administrative, its all about customer services while technical in the design change process. The plan is presented during system launch and also should update regularly. As the time grows the technology grows also. When technology advances the system becomes outdated and to keep it on track, there should system revisit. The plan includes the time for system upgrade which is a short interval like months. During the upgrade, the system graphics are changed to increase attraction and look updated. In the same period, the system is updated in a way it can be compatible with the new versions of the operating systems. The change also includes the management; the staff support may be changed considering if they were effective or not.

The maintenance plan also includes improvements as indicated by the stakeholders. If the end users large percentage suggests that the support is lazy, then there should be an immediate change of the team. If there is some change requested by the end users, they are checked at these time and modified if they are acceptable.

In conclusion, the system by the time it is in implementation stage should be fully complete for functioning. The Health4UNow provides services that will help the community at large. The system is reliable and can rarely let the users down. It will save time if implemented as early as possible. Lots of lives will be saved since its fast and confidential. The system will also ease the rate of personal information retrieval by the physicians while administering treatment. Would recommend that governments, private hospitals, and the public to embrace such an innovation which will have a positive impact on their lives.

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Breakdown Structure


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