Research-Based Cause and Effect Essay over the Movie Lean on Me

Published: 2021-07-30
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Every action and choice that an individual makes has a direct effect or consequence that follows the options one undertakes (Penman-Aguilar et al. 12). Every person has the power to make a choice of doing the right thing or following the pressure and indulge in wrongful acts, but they do not have the control over the consequences that follow them. Therefore, it is important for one to understand the course of their lives and ponder on decisions before they can make the ultimate plan of action. This will help prevent the negative results and repercussions that follow an individual based on what they decide (Basch 593). The Lean on Me movie is one of the best illustrations to youths and public at large on the relationship between cause and effect on the decisions they undertake on a daily basis in their lives. The Lean on Me 1989 with Beverly Todd, Robert Guillaume, Morgan Freeman Movie represents a number of social issues that exist in the contemporary society and how every person has the right to say no or yes as well as the implications of their decisions. Teen sex is one of the social issues facing a community and the cause for this is due to peer pressure, drug influence, and lack of sexual education; while the effect is teen pregnancy, the possibility of having sexually transmitted infections, and increase in school dropout.


The adolescent years are a transformative period for a young man and woman as they try to find their identity while embracing the changes that take place in their bodies (Penman-Aguilar et al. 7). It is also a time they find comfort with the opinions of other people in their social circle. Some of the major causes and triggers for teens to engage in sex are due to peer pressure. This happens when their friends and those they consider important in their life are also engaging in it and they feel the need to have sex so that they can fit in. Further, there is also the aspect of ridicule and rejection from their peers if they do not engage in sex with them as they are viewed as weaklings or traitors. Therefore, in a bid to fit in with the rest, they engage in sex with their partners and discuss the experience with their peers (Penman-Aguilar et al. 18). This helps them earn friends and popularity. Another reason why teens engage in sex is that they are under the influence of drugs. Experimenting with drugs is one of the fun activities which most teens take part in with their peers. Hence, those who start using it may not be in a position to control the effects it has on their bodies. In addition, some of their peers might take advantage of them and have sex with them against their consent, as they are not in a position to make the right choice as at that time. Another reason why teens engage in sex is lack of sexual education from their parents, guardians, and learning institutions (Basch 595). Most parents are shy to talk about sex with their children and may assume that they learn such crucial information in school. On the other hand, a sex educator may provide the basics to the teens but may not be in a position to handle all their questions. Teens have no option than to learn from their friends who give them biased and incorrect advice. Due to curiosity, teens start engaging in sex without knowledge of potential repercussions (Penman-Aguilar et al. 22).


Every person that engages in unprotected sex has a high possibility of getting pregnant irrespective of their age as long as they have developed physically (Basch 598). Teens who engage in sex have a high chance of falling pregnant whether they are prepared for that or not. At this stage or adolescents, most teens engage in sex without taking proper consideration of prevention of pregnancy or possibility of getting sexually transmitted infections. The influence and pressure they receive from their peers clouds their judgment and are not in the position to make the right choice at that time (Penman-Aguilar et al. 19). Further, since some teens engage in sex while under influence of drugs, they are not in a position to understand that their unprotected sex escapades have a probability of landing them into life-long mistakes.

Teens that fall pregnant drop out of school, as they may not be able to handle the pressures that come with being a parent and advancing their education. Dropping out of school means that they postpone achieving their dreams of leading successful careers, as they need to bring the child up. If the man responsible for their pregnancy denies them, they are forced to bring up the child on their own. Sometimes some of the teens are not lucky even as they engage in sex with their peers. Some get pregnant and at the same time have a sexually transmitted infection. Some of these infections like HIV take a permanent residence in their bodies. This affects the quality of life they lead and may lead to death in the long-term (Penman-Aguilar et al. 20). In conclusion, parents, guardians, learning institutions, and the society as a while have a responsibility of guiding teens so that they can make the right choices in life. Explaining to them through illustrations and real-life experiences of the cause and effect of choices will help prevent most of them from making the wrong decisions.

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