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Published: 2021-07-22
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A worldview is how individuals view the world and all that it contains or thought to contain. It is a thoughtful reflection we hold about ourselves, the world, the living things, life, and all the comprehensive systems of beliefs. This perception, whether done collectively or individually have varied answers to each, or group of individuals. For instance, there is a Christina worldview of issues touching on various subjects, like life, morality, life after death, and God (MacArthur, John, Hughes, and Mayhue)

Biblical Worldview

The bible is the principal reference for Christians, and from it, they get to know several answers. Christian believe that the universe was created a Supreme Being, God. The biblical worldview says that God created the world and all that it has, within six days. Humanity is included in the things God created. God created one man and one woman, from whom all of us have originated (Genesis, 27-28).

On identity, Christians believe humankind was created in the image of God, and thus more important than all other things in the world. Therefore, humanity derives their identity from God Himself. Based on this unique identity, Christians believe human beings were given authorities over all other things on Earth (Genesis 28-30).

It is common for everyone to ask why he or she exists or lives. However, there is a biblical worldview answer to that. Christians believe humanity exists to take care of all that is in the world, and more importantly, glorify the creator through worshiping, obedience and praying (God).

It is not easy to differentiate what is wrong or right, as the views tend to vary. However, Christians rely on the Bible for direction. The biblical view of morality is that wrong or right is derived from the identity of God. God provided humanity the law to determine the baseline of morality, based on His establishment on the same (Exodus, 20).

Christians believe that our existence on earth is just a preparation for greater life after death. Christians believe in the existence of heaven and hell, where they believe humanitys soul will end based on his life on Earth. Heaven is reserved for those who believe in God and glorify him through Jesus Christ. Those who do must also believe that Jesus Christ died for their sins, and will be resurrected to go and prepare heave for Christians (John 3:16). That is developed through a personal relationship with God, through regular prayer, worship, thanksgiving and all other forms of glorification. Those who do not live their lives with the same faith are destined for hell.

Influence of Biblical Worldview

God set the baseline for morality, in His creations, he thought everything as good, and he gave the man a duty to look after everything them, and even created a woman to help the man. Therefore, this guides that we should positively think about others, talk well and even assist them when necessary. That is what God considered right as demonstrated through the creation story in Genesis.

Humanity exists to safeguard the environment and its living organism and to exercise necessary caution in ensuring the nonliving do not interfere with life (Brown, William, Phillips, and Stonestreet). That is derived from humanitys identity where God created him in His image, and placed authority over him to take care of everything that is in the world, both living and nonliving. Thus, humanity has a responsibility to prevent the extinction of Gods creation, and to ensure the nonliving like nuclear energy, landslides, waters, etc. do not harm other living things or destroy any of Gods beautiful creations.



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