Relationship Between Health Policy Creation and Politics - Meeting Plan

Published: 2021-07-02
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The purpose of the above meeting was to showcase the relationship between health policy creation and politics and how different stakeholders get involved in different aspects under discussion. The meeting helped explain the contents of a book related to the nursing field. The author of the book Jeri Milstead leads the discussion regarding a number of components such as health policies, politics and the role played by nurses and health professionals in the formulation. She thus bases her discussion and views on the issue by highlighting topics that stand out in healthcare and also checking the new additional information present in the Fifth Edition of Health Policy and Politics: A Nurses Guide. Research shows that different policies and politics effects on healthcare are yet to be studied (Mason Leavitt & Chaffee, 2013). As a result, various frameworks have been formulated, and they involve all key participants thus creating a deeper understanding of the issue.

Key Participants

The key participants in these meeting include nurses, government, policy makers, patients and also health care providers. These parties need to be involved in every part of policy formulation as they are all encompassed by the policies being made. It helps shine light in processes, how the policy affects each stakeholder and also bringing them together creates a platform for sharing of ideas and views of existing and new policies in the healthcare field. The involvement of all these stakeholders ensures that the policies created have the best interests in regard of the nurses and everyone else related to the health care field. It helps shield the dissatisfaction of different stakeholders on policies as they will get to get a better grasp of the intentions and steps in the formulation of policies.

Key Agenda Items

The key agenda item in this discussion is understanding how different stakeholders get involved in policy making and also understanding how the policies made affect people and facilities in the health care field. The meetings purpose is to answer different questions such as who is involved in making policies, who gets governed by the created policies, why it is important for nurses and students in the nursing and other health care fields to participate in the policy-making process, and lastly who gets affected by the policies and what is the impact of the policies on different stakeholders.

Meeting Logistics

For the meeting to be successful, a number of items got considered. Meeting logistics involves all details pout in consideration so as to make the discussion flow smoothly and have a positive outcome in the end. The platform was provided by the Jones and Bartlett Learning Foundation. Good sound systems and recording technologies helped ensure effective communication and also a compilation of proceedings for future reference and use. Time set was observed to the letter and time was divided appropriately to facilitate different interactions between the speaker and other stakeholders. An online virtual platform also helped a lot in as people followed the meeting proceedings from different places and were able to send acknowledgments and also ask questions on topics they did not understand.

Background Information

The committee involved in the meeting has a rich background in the nursing and health care field. Jenifer Styles is a senior marketing manager at Jones and Bartlett Learning platform. That is the company that helped provide the meeting venue and set up the required facilities to help simplify the process. The speaker Jeri A. Milstead is the author of the book Health Policy and Politics: How Does It Involve You. She is also an internationally recognized expert in health policing. She has vast experience in the field which amounts from both her teaching and working experiences. She has been involved in this sector for more than fifty years both in practice, education administration and policies based on the nursing field. She holds different certificated the highest being her doctorate in political science from the University of Georgia.

Topic Discussed

One of the topics discussed in this meeting is the application of health policies and politics among different stakeholders such as the nurses, the students thus encompassing how they all relate to the topic. The speaker is quoted saying that currently, all nurses and students need to involve themselves in the policy formulation. The book under discussion provides a framework of how to take part in different processes of policy making and other health care forums so as to ensure the provision of better services to patients and also ensure that the policies dont neglect the needs of the nurses and healthcare providers.

Analysis of Key Stakeholders Position

Different stakeholders hold different positions with relation to the topics discussed. That arises as a result of different fields in the healthcare and nursing sector. Another problem that leads to the rise of different views includes lack of information thus different stakeholders do not know how to take part in policy making. Some stakeholders feel that the topic under discussion has no relation to them and feel that its only targets nurses. As a result, the speaker explains why they all need to get involved in the forums by telling them what it really involves.

Key Interactions

Different interactions can be seen as the discussion takes place. Firstly, the speaker receives acknowledgment for her works from time to time. Also, there is a question and answer forum between the speaker and different stakeholders as they seek to get a better understanding of topics under discussion.

Meeting Outcomes

By the end of the meeting, Jeri Milstead was able to shine light on both the book and also different issued tied with health policy and politics. The showcased how different people are involved in the policies and the benefits of taking part in key processes that encompass health policies.


Mason, D. J., Leavitt, J. K., & Chaffee, M. W. (2013). Policy and Politics in Nursing andHealthcare-Revised Reprint. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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