Reflection Essay on Patriotism

Published: 2021-07-01
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Patriotism is the enthusiastic love and concern for ones country of origin. People have different ways of supporting a home country, but a patriot expresses real care for the entire image of the place of origin. The quote I am a patriot, and I love my country. And for that, I would gladly sacrifice all, emphasize the individual concern to see ones country secure, free, and grow to transcend different limitations to become the best in the expression of freedom and success in the world. The firm attachment to the countrys uniqueness strengthens my individual identity as a Pakistan citizen. The reflection asserts that national loyalty as perceived by a citizen of Pakistan comprises of the need for affiliation, active involvement in building the nation, and the social identity with the region as the only homeland.

Pakistanis have faced different challenges influenced by the economic reforms that intend to make the country the best for all as a way of rewarding persons affiliated with the country. Economic development ensures that people have a stable livelihood that stimulates growth in all sectors to support a population of 193 million. The individual need for affiliation increases when people see their country full of opportunities that guarantee sustainable advancement of future generations. Pakistan incurred a slacked Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that reduced from 5.54 in 2006 to 0.36 in 2009, before rebounding back progressively from 2.58 in 2010 to 4.71 in 2016 (Trading Economics, 2017). Increased foreign investments have enhanced the establishment of the export frontier economy as an emerging Asian market. In 2016, Pakistan started the Export-Import Bank to support the globalization of the countrys auto industry. The annual GDP increased from $270 billion to $300 billion with the Purchasing Power Parity crossing the $1 trillion mark that makes Pakistan the 40th largest economy in the world (Zahid, 2017). My country has experienced growth in the automobile industry with top-notch production reported in Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki brands. I love my country, and I will work within the region instead of immigrating to the Western world as a way of contributing towards achieving the mission of creating a powerful nation.

Reforms in the political economy have increased personal involvement in decision-making, which established democracy in Pakistan. Individually, I assert my patriotism by exercising voting rights in selecting the national and regional leaders. Pakistan in the second largest Muslim democracy after Indonesia in the world, and we hold elections in the four provinces to ensure that everyone participates in the free and fair process. Although the country has faced four major setbacks when military generals ruled with absolute decrees without involving the people, Pakistan has seen democratic and constitutional transitions because of the willingness of the citizens to serve our country. For example, 2013 marked the first democratic transition with the election of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and subsequently the parliamentary election of Mamnoon Hussain as the ceremonial president (BBC, 2017). The county is growing because of the dedication of each Pakistanis to end militarism and adopt a democratic change that requires the involvement of all individuals.

My willingness to overcome the failures of inclusion and social identity in the country continue to grow to assert the bright future that awaits Pakistan. Even after being labeled a rogue state during the Musharrafs era, such terminologies have disappeared because of the consistent patriotism of the people. I hold my roots in the progression of the Mughal culture that is the source of the Pakistan social identity (Qamar, 2017). I am willing to live and work for the success and transformation of my Asian homeland because the state presents both challenges and opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, patriotism is the spirit of complete attachment to see ones country develop and progress sustainably over time to support the future generations. The pillar of Pakistan remains in the youth, which includes me, who seek to acquire global skills to steer the countrys economic sector. The current populations seek for solutions and alternatives to counter political violence so that the national identity of the country remains unified against militarism. Political advancement of the country requires my personal involvement to check the government as a citizen. Moreover, I identify with the Mughal culture that is the foundation of the Pakistanis social and national identity.



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