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Published: 2021-08-03
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Question one: theme

The common theme in the video clip is the application of gender roles in commercial adverts (Garcia, n.d). Different scenarios have been depicted where masculinity and feminism have been incorporated in adverts. In advertising cleaning detergents women are used. On the other hand, men are used in beer adverts. The advertisers take advantage of how the society perceives gender roles.

Question two: roles of men and women

Men are expected to work and earn income for their families. Difficult tasks such as car repair and mechanics are considered mens work. Finally, men are expected to hang out with friends in social places such as pubs. Expected roles of women are expected to stay at home and handle house chores. These chores include cleaning the house and washing. The video clip suggests that women are expected to make dinner for their husbands or families. Women are also expected to be subjective to their husbands demands. One of the adverts depicts a woman as seductive object implying that women have the power to seduce.

Question three: effect on attitude

The images affect our attitude and expectation for gender roles in different ways. Whenever women are used in seductive photos, men tend to consider women as sex objects. Adverts that depict women as materialistic makes men believe that women will spend all their money. On the other hand, an advert that allows men to kiss seems to promote LGBT campaign. A woman who stays home and perfectly performs house chores is perceived as honorable.

Question four: acting like a man

According to the video, men are expected to be courageous. Specific jobs such as mechanics and car repairs are typical mens work. The video also suggests that men in love watching sports such as American-football. The movie suggests that men are expected to work and earn income for their families. Finally, men are expected to hang out with fellow men in social paces such as pubs.

Question five: Ladylike

Whenever the phrase ladylike is mentioned, typical behavior of a lady comes to mind which include feminine-like behavior. Ladylike behavior is characterized by preferences to stay home and handle domestic chores. Another ladylike trait is a preference to shopping clothes and beauty enhancers. Ladies are also associated with cooking food for their families and husbands. Also, a ladylike behavior is characterized by clothing that exposes much of their bodies.

Question six: ladylike

The society expects men and women to behave in specific ways. Any behavior that does not reflect these stereotypes is considered outcast (Gender stereotype, n.d). For instance, a man that behaves like a woman is referred to as woman-like. On the other hand, a woman who behaves like a boy is referred to as tom-boy. It is evident that LGBT members are not always appreciated because they go against the existing gender stereotypes.



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