Psychology Essay on Harmony-Seeking Idealist Personality

Published: 2021-08-07
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Harmony-seeking idealist personality is a unique and admirable. The individuals are naturally warm-hearted and expect a lot of themselves as well as from others. They have a perfect understanding of human nature and can judge character well. They are loyal and reliable. They value permanent relationships with others. They make efforts not to hurt others. They are simply understanding, good planners, sympathetic, conscientious, imaginative, introverted, reserved, inspiring and helpful. However, my score on harmony-seeking idealist personality type was weaker which means I cannot be adequately described as above person. Since I was determined to be a harmony-seeking idealist, I undertook various action steps which have born fruits as I have enhanced my personality with harmony-seeking traits such as being an introvert, good planner, imaginative and inspiring as commented by my peers.

At first, as I received the information from my personality test, I took time to read through and understand my three personality types; love, harmony, and ideal. Upon learning that I scored the least in harmony, I decided to use the information I got to find out what traits I missed to score low. As I learned about the traits that were missing in my personality, I went ahead to establish their effect on my behavior. I also used the information to predict how I would be if I acquired the missing traits. It realized that I would be a better person if I acquired the missing traits to become a harmony-seeking idealist.

Since I wanted to be a better person, I decided on the action steps that would help me to build my personality towards enhancing harmony. One of the action steps I arrived at was to express my resolution as a series of goals. For example, I knew I wanted to be creative, helpful and inspiring to be able to lead towards harmony-seeking idealist. So I recorded my goals which gave me a list of the traits that I needed to acquire. Once my list was ready, I undertook a second action step which was to list actions for each goal or what I needed to do to attain each of the listed traits. For example, to be inspiring, I listed actions that conveyed an optimistic vision for my future. My third action step was to prepare a timeline for which I had to achieve each of the listed goals. The timeline was to guide me towards achieving the goals and to remind me when I was not making progress.

Upon concluding my action steps, I had to come up with strategic steps to help me attain my goals through undertaking the action steps. I decided that my first step would be to step out of the comfort zone. I decided that I needed to move towards attaining a better personality and had to enhance my current personality by stepping out to a higher one. My second step was to become passionate about everything that I was doing. I knew that being passionate would be the only way to perfect whatever I was doing and to inspire others. My third step was to be a creative person who did not simply copied others. I chose to live my life and adventure new ways of improving it. I could devise new ways of solving problems which were more effective.

The steps I undertook did not disappoint; soon the results were on my face. I was out of my comfort zone. I was a good team leader that cheered people whenever they attempted. I could cheer my peers during play or when we were discussing issues. I knew I was inspiring them and I was becoming a harmonious person that I wanted. I also found that I loved whatever I did as a result of being passionate about my undertakings. Passionate helped me to appreciate what I was doing and even made me perfect. Similarly, embracing creativity and trying to do things in a new approach made me imaginative even in scenarios that seemed difficult and I came up with better solutions.

My results were pretty evident, and I could read from peers reactions and comments. My peers commented that I was becoming a team leader as I was inspiring them. They loved the way I was cheering them during discussions and games. They also applauded solutions that I suggested to them when we were confronted with a problem and told me that I was imaginative. I was happy that I had achieved the traits I wanted and I knew my personality had been enhanced

Strictly, the action steps I decided upon, as well as the steps that I undertook to enhance my weaker personality type, were fruitful. The action steps were clear pathway with guiding timelines that ensured I worked towards the desired destination. Also, the steps that I undertook were simple but robust. They ensured that I deserted my less preferred comfort zone and moved towards a better end. The steps ensured that I made the change I desired through maintaining a positive attitude towards every activity undertaken and to even come up with new ways of approaching issues. My steps were actionable and easy to follow, and that is why I achieved good results. My personality has been enhanced, and I am now a better harmony-seeking idealist.

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