Progress Report on Rhetoric Sociology Course

Published: 2021-06-25
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Rhetoric sociology is a unit that enhances the creative and critical thinking of students. The primary purpose of the course is to improve the rhetorical knowledge of it learners and well as perfect on their reading and writing skills. Some of the objectives that the units syllabus hopes to achieve include facilitating the identification of the basic concepts, theories, and research findings. To develop the skills in writing concisely from evidence rather than opinion; and equipping students with the ability to understand, analyze as well as apply social issues and policies in real life. I have always had a passion for writing, and this course was in line with my dreams and aspirations. The desire to perfect my writing and reading skills, therefore, had me enroll for this course and it has been a great success for me.

The course has considerably improved my writing skills. Over the duration of the course, I have learned how to express myself through writing. Before enrolling for the course, I was struggling with coming up with the right words to express my thoughts and opinions. In many occasions, I would end up avoiding some sentences just because I did not know how to phrase them and put them down in the paper. It was like I knew what I wanted to say, but I just did not know how. Taking this course has improved my writing skills significantly and increased my confidence when it comes to both spoken and written English. I have also enhanced my analytical skills. Gone are the days I would study a unit for the sole purpose of passing examinations. This course has changed my perspective about school and course work.

However, one area that I havent been able to perfect is objective writing. Most of my articles and papers are subjective, and I happen to let my opinions, emotions, and ideas get the better of me most of the times. I have had difficulties in basing my writings on evidence. Perhaps the reason behind this is because I form opinions a little too soon whenever I am reading an article. In most cases, I tend to fit myself in the shoes of the narrator, and for that reason, I end up perceiving things my way instead of the narrators. This assumption has had me missing in important themes and twisting the plot of the story. I intend to improve my personal writing so as to be able to identify the basic concepts, theories, and research findings.

The greatest problem I have encountered in this course is attaining the minimum 90 hours out of class time to put into practice what I had learned. I was caught up with other classes and activities that made this almost impossible. On several occasions, I would make time so that I can compensate for that but many times I ended up failing miserably. However, I purpose to use the skills I attained in this course in my daily life, and that pretty much will make up for the out of class time.

In conclusion, the course has been much success to me as a student, and I am so glad to have enrolled it. There were some things about creative and critical thinking that I learned and have impacted my life in more ways than one. I can proudly say that I have been making more informed decisions since enrolling this course and many other life skills that may not be so obvious.


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