Professional Standards in Speciality Areas of Interest - Family Practice

Published: 2021-06-25
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Based on the advanced technology in the healthcare sector, nursing information is imperative as it helps them during their activities in designing, purchasing and implementing data processing for the clients. By managing and communicating relevant data to the patients, the nurse will be promoting good relations and health practices to the families of these patients. The informatics help in making decisions for patients and healthcare information that they are required to understand and apply in protecting their patients. Based on, my practicum setting on family, the advanced knowledge will help me in incorporating ideas while performing medical services to improve the safety and quality services at the healthcare facility.

Other practice standards that I will use in my practicum experience are by using an Electronic Health Record (HER) machine at the organization. I will be able to develop a list of patients with similar illness and perform different laboratory tests using the little machines to measure the degree of disease and give a medical reconciliation report based on the results. It will help in determining the best medicine to be prescribed for the patient to have a positive response (Mallari et al., 2016). Further, the use of advanced knowledge will help me as a family advisor in the nursing sector in ensuring that the client's medical data information are confidentially kept secret using the patients portal by using the computer skills and literacy in managing the information. Creation of mobile clinics is also significant as it will assist in handling issues for patients in the remote areas. As a family practicum leader, every time I must ensure that all duties designed is monitored to improve the well-being of the clients under medication (Grady, n.d).

Professional standards that require knowledge of the 3Ps and biopsychosocial sciences

The three Ps are Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology. They are meant for adequate health assessment and provides a framework for improving the service in the future field of healthcare. Some of these professional standards include leadership roles in solving the problems that might arise at the population to avoid misunderstanding between the nurses and the clients. The first professional standard is exceptional individual care based on their cellular or microscopic organism adaptation. The information will help the nurse examine several adaptive measures for physiological functions in the human body. Secondly, is the laboratory application of knowledge for processing various diseases affecting people in the community? The third policy is the health assessment of a patient. As a family nurse advisor, I will ensure that all the health documentations and medical history of my clients are well assessed and accounted for based on his health progress. By assessing the illness and response of the individual, it will be possible to discuss with caregiver the health needs of the patients and evaluate the best principles to be used in evaluating the issues. Under the biopsychosocial science, the family advisor needs to apply his self-awareness knowledge in providing a central multidimensional treatment for the first promotion of the patients health.


Application of nurse specialist practice standards in family as an area of interest

The expert rules show the uniqueness in practicing ways that he or she will use in diagnosing medicine to the patient. Some of the practices the medical person need to consider the relevant research for that matter, allowing frequent consultations with the client in understanding the health progress and offering advanced practices on the good healthy habits such as a well-balanced diet. They must also determine plans that that will ensure the client receives fill motivation. By working together with other nurses and caregivers for the implementation proper records and treatment. Furthermore, the specialist direct comprehensive care and support of systems that will help them monitor the progress (Barbara 2012). By conducting an assessment on the client, the nurse will be in a position to use frameworks for better service deliveries to the patient and ensure that their well-being is properly maintained.

Through spending much time with the clients, the family nurse will understand the needs of these patients and offer direct comprehensive care through the support systems. For a practical outcome in looking after clients with special needs, the family nurses need to collaborate with other medical practitioners in ensuring that they empower these people by helping their caregivers develop a new plan that will be used in evaluating the action plan employed in the diagnosis. Furthermore, they will also advocate for equal treatment and concern of the patients family members, the community in maintaining their health acre standards.

Integration of professional standards into teaching experience for nursing students, staffs or patients

By positively embracing the cultural differences among the selected group. It will ensure that the students or workers dignity is maintained making them advocate for proper social justice. I will also integrate the professional standards into teaching by using innovative data-based strategies to transform the healthcare places through effective communication and teamwork towards achieving one goal. Additionally, I will ensure that I serve as a mentor to these people by giving advice on the roles of a family practicum personnel and provide the specific experiential opportunities about the course to ensure that they receive a constructive feedback based on their performance in the environment. Giving more programs that they will use in the transition of information through training and supervise their fieldwork activities.

The teaching will increase their competencies and encourage them to have good experience in the health sector. The knowledge and skills attained will be used assessing the clients health progress and improving on medical consistency to the patients (NLN, 2015). As an educator, the professional standards used in teaching these people will help them in having a passion for assisting everyone in the society making them shape their future and improve the health life of other individuals. The advanced rules support in sharing information and relevant analytical data for future use by other nurses or health students. One particular activity that I might use is the Nurse Educator Graduate Program (NEGP), essential for regulating shifts in the organization.

In conclusion, family nurses contribute to the high development of clinical practice by motivating the caregivers to maintain good health standards and coordinate freely with the health providers for efficient services. For quality medication and health care, the clinician needs to develop new plans that he will be using in treating the patients and assessing their medical response regularly in defining if there is change to the medication given. The nurses should also learn to integrate their issues together with the caregivers in facilitating a healthy environment for living and consulting on the usage of heath care systems for proper diagnosis.


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